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pronunciation: zensha
kanji characters: ,
translation: the former, that
check also: 後者


pronunciation: zenshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: advance (n.), progress
前進する: zenshinsuru: advance (v.), march forward, step forward, go ahead
前進基地: zenshinkichi: advanced base <<< 基地


pronunciation: zenshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: whole body, all over the body, from head to foot
全身に: zenshinnni: all over the body
全身を震わす: zenshinnohuruwasu: be all of a tremble <<<
全身画: zenshinga: full-length portrait <<<
全身像: zenshinzou: full-length figure <<<
全身運動: zenshinnundou: exercise of the whole body <<< 運動
全身不随: zenshinhuzui: total paralysis
全身不随に成る: zenshinhuzuininaru: be completely paralyzed
全身麻酔: zenshinmasui: general anesthesia <<< 麻酔
全身麻酔を掛ける: zenshinmasuiokakeru: subject (a person) to a general anesthesia <<<
全身美容: zenshinbiyou: integral beauty <<< 美容
check also: 全体 , 半身


pronunciation: zensho
kanji characters: ,
translation: proper measures
善処する: zenshosuru: do [manage]as one thinks fit, take proper measures (against), cope with (the situation), make the best of


pronunciation: zensho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: complete book
法令全書: houreizensho: statute book <<< 法令
百科全書: hyakkazensho: encyclopedia <<< 百科


pronunciation: zenshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: complete fire destruction
全焼する: zenshousuru: be entirely destroyed [gutted] by fire, be burnt down
全焼家屋: zenshoukaoku: completely burned house
check also: 火事


pronunciation: zenshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: complete works
全集物: zenshuumono: complete works series <<<


pronunciation: zensoku
kanji characters:
keyword: disease
translation: asthma
喘息の: zensokuno: asthmatic (a.)
喘息性の: zensokuseino <<<
喘息患者: zensokukanja: asthmatic patient <<< 患者
喘息発作: zensokuhossa: attack of asthma <<< 発作


pronunciation: zentai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: the whole, total, all
全体の: zentaino: whole (a.), entire, general, total, global
全体に: zentaini: wholly, entirely, generally
全体で: zentaide: in all, all told
全体として: zentaitoshite: in general, on the whole, generally speaking
全体主義: zentaishugi: totalitarism <<< 主義
全体主義国家: zentaishugikokka: totalitarian state <<< 国家
全体会議: zentaikaigi: general meeting, plenary session <<< 会議
check also: 全身


pronunciation: zenzen
kanji characters: ,
translation: wholly, entirely, totally, utterly, completely, perfectly, altogether, (not) at all
check also: 皆目

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