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pronunciation: toho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: walking
徒歩で: tohode: on foot
徒歩の: tohono: pedestrian (a.)
徒歩で行く: tohodeiku: go on foot, walk <<<
徒歩者: tohosha: pedestrian (n.), walker <<<
徒歩旅行: tohoryokou: walking tour, hike <<< 旅行
徒歩旅行者: tohoryokousha: walking tourist <<<
徒歩競走: tohokyousou: walking race <<< 競走


pronunciation: tohu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction , drug
translation: spread (n.), application
塗布する: tohusuru: spread (v.), apply (an ointment to)
塗布薬: tohuyaku: ointment, liniment <<< , 軟膏


pronunciation: toiawase
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 問い合せ
keyword: job
translation: inquiry, reference
問合せる: toiawaseru: inquire, make an inquiry
問合せ先: toiawasesaki: reference <<<
問合せの手紙: toiawasenotegami: letter of inquiry <<< 手紙


pronunciation: toiki
kanji characters: ,
translation: sigh
check also: 溜息


pronunciation: toita
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: wooden slide [sliding] door


pronunciation: tokage
keyword: animal
translation: lizard


pronunciation: tokai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: city, big town
都会の: tokaino: urban
都会育ちの: tokaisodachino: city-bred <<<
都会人: tokaijin: townsman, city dweller <<<
都会生活: tokaiseikatsu: city life <<< 生活
大都会: daitokai: big city, metropolis <<<
check also: 都市 ,


pronunciation: tokei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time , accessory
translation: clock, watch
時計が進む: tokeigasusumu: The watch [clock] gains <<<
時計が遅れる: tokeigaokureru: The watch [clock] loses <<<
時計の針: tokeinohari: hands (of a watch) <<<
時計の鎖: tokeinokusari: watch chain <<<
時計を見る: tokeiomiru: look at a watch [clock] <<<
時計を巻く: tokeiomaku: wind up a watch [clock] <<<
時計回り: tokeimawari: clockwise <<<
逆時計回り: gyakudokeimawari: anti-clockwise, counter-clockwise <<<
時計の音: tokeinooto: ticking of a clock, ticktack, tictac <<<
時計台: tokeidai: clock tower <<<
時計屋: tokeiya: clockmaker, watchmaker <<<
腕時計: udedokei: wristwatch <<<
砂時計: sunadokei: hourglass, sandglass <<<
日時計: hidokei: sundial <<<
鳩時計: hatodokei: cuckoo clock <<<
防水時計: bousuidokei: waterproof watch <<< 防水
懐中時計: kaichuudokei: pocket watch <<< 懐中
原子時計: genshidokei: atomic clock <<< 原子
水晶時計: suishoudokei: quartz clock <<< 水晶
チャイム時計: chaimudokei: chime clock <<< チャイム
デジタル時計: dejitarudokei: digital watch <<< デジタル


pronunciation: tokidoki
kanji characters:
other spells: 時時
keyword: calendar
translation: sometimes, occasionally, at times, once in a while, now and then, often, frequently, now and then, from time to time
check also: 度々


pronunciation: tokka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: special [bargain] price
特価で売る: tokkadeuru: sell at a special price [reduced price] <<<
特価品: tokkahin: bargain-priced articles <<<
特価販売: tokkahanbai: bargain sale <<< 販売 , 特売
特価提供: tokkateikyou: special offer <<< 提供

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