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pronunciation: tegaru
kanji characters: ,
translation: easiness, simplicity
手軽な: tegaruna: easy, simple, informal, cheap, handy
手軽に: tegaruni: easily, ready, simply, informally, on the cheap
手軽な料理: tegarunaryouri: light meal <<< 料理 , 軽食
手軽な昼食: tegarunachuushoku: light lunch <<< 昼食 , ランチ , スナック
手軽に考える: tegarunikangaeru: take (a matter) easy <<<
check also: 簡単


pronunciation: tegata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bank
translation: draft, bill
手形で支払う: tegatadeshiharau: pay by a draft <<< 支払
手形を振り出す: tegataohuridasu: draw a bill
手形を落とす: tegataootosu: honor a bill <<<
手形交換: tegatakoukan: clearing <<< 交換
手形勘定: tegatakanjou: account of exchange <<< 勘定
手形支払: tegatashiharai: payment by note <<< 支払
手形信用: tegatashinnyou: bill credit <<< 信用
手形取引: tegatatorihiki: bill transaction <<< 取引
手形割引: tegatawaribiki: bank discount <<< 割引
空手形: karategata: fictitious bill, empty promise <<<
不渡手形: huwataritegata: dishonored [bad] bill <<< 不渡
振出手形: huridashitegata: bill of exchange <<< 振出
為替手形: kawasetegata: bill of exchange, draft <<< 為替
支払手形: shiharaitegata: bill [note] payable <<< 支払
預金手形: yokintegata: certificate of deposit <<< 預金
送金手形: soukintegata: remittance draft [bill] <<< 送金
銀行手形: ginkoutegata: bank draft <<< 銀行
外貨手形: gaikategata: foreign currency bill <<< 外貨
短期手形: tankitegata: short-dated bill <<< 短期
長期手形: choukitagata: long-dated [long-term] bill <<< 長期
割引手形: waribikitegata: discounted bill <<< 割引
輸出手形: yushutsutegata: export bill <<< 輸出
輸入手形: yushutsutegata: import bill <<< 輸入
check also: 小切手


pronunciation: tegiwa
kanji characters: ,
translation: performance, skill, dexterity, workmanship
手際が良い: tegiwagaii: be skillful (in doing) <<<
手際が悪い: tegiwagawarui: be unskillful (in doing) <<<
手際良い: tegiwaii: skillful, dexterous, tactful, neat <<<
手際良く: tegiwayoku: skillfully, dexterously, tactfully, neatly
手際を見せる: tegiwaomiseru: show [display] one's skill (in doing) <<<
不手際: hutegiwa: clumsiness, indexterity, blunder <<<
不手際な: hutegiwana: unskillful, clumsy, awkward, bungling


pronunciation: tehai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: arrangements, preparations, search instructions, dispositions of men
手配する: tehaisuru: arrange (for), spread a search (for), cast a dragnet (for)
手配書: tehaisho: police bulletin <<<
手配師: tehaishi: employment agent <<<
手配写真: tehaishashin: photograph of a wanted criminal <<< 写真
指名手配: shimeitehai: wanted (criminal) <<< 指名
check also: 準備


pronunciation: tehon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: model (n.), pattern (n.), example
手本にする: tehonnnisuru: model (v.), pattern (v.), imitate


pronunciation: teian
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: proposal, proposition, suggestion, overtures
提案する: teiansuru: propose, suggest, make suggestions [a proposal], put a proposition
提案者: teiansha: proposer <<<
逆提案: gyakuteian: counter proposition <<<
check also: 提示 , 提言


pronunciation: teiban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: classic product [article, dish]


pronunciation: teiden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: blackout, (electric) power suspension [failure, outrages]
停電する: teidensuru: The electric current is cut off [stops], The electric power gives out.
停電だ: teidenda: The current is off, Power has gone off
停電してる: teidenshiteru
計画停電: keikakuteiden: planned blackouts <<< 計画


pronunciation: teido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: grade, degree, standard, limit
程度の高い: teidonotakai: of a high standard [level] <<<
程度の低い: teidonohikui: of a low standard [level] <<<
程度を上げる: teidooageru: raise the standard <<<
程度を下げる: teidoosageru: lower the standard <<<
程度を越える: teidookoeru: exceed the limit <<<
在る程度: aruteido: a certain extent <<<
check also: 基準 , 標準 , レベル , スタンダード


pronunciation: teien
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , art
translation: garden, park
庭園師: teienshi: gardener, landscape architect, landscaper <<< , 庭師
庭園術: teienjutsu: landscape gardening <<<
屋上庭園: okujouteien: roof garden <<< 屋上
check also: 公園

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