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pronunciation: tankyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: inquiry, investigation, research, study
探求する: tankyuusuru: seek, pursue, make researches (in), search (for)
探求者: tankyuusha: investigator, pursuer <<<
check also: 研究


pronunciation: tanmatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , computer
translation: terminal
check also: 末端


pronunciation: tanni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit , school
translation: unit, credit, measure, denomination
単位の: tannino: unitary
単位を取る: tanniotoru: take a unit <<<
単位制度: tanniseido: accrediting system <<< 制度
単位面積: tannimenseki: unitary surface <<< 面積
単位行列: tannigyouretsu: unit matrix <<< 行列
重力単位: juuryokutanni: gravitational unit <<< 重力
基本単位: kihontanni: fundamental unit <<< 基本
貨幣単位: kaheitanni: monetary unit <<< 貨幣
check also: ユニット


pronunciation: tannnen
kanji characters: ,
translation: carefulness
丹念な: tannnennna: careful, painstaking, elaborate
丹念に: tannnennni: carefully, painstakingly, elaborately
check also: 丁寧


pronunciation: tannnin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , school
translation: charge
担任する: tannninsuru: take charge of, be in charge of
担任教師: tannninkyoushi: teacher in charge (of) <<< 教師
担任のクラス: tannninnnokurasu: class in [under] one's charge <<< クラス
check also: 担当


pronunciation: tannnou
kanji characters: ,
translation: satisfaction, sufficiency, skillfulness (conf.), proficiency
堪能な: tannnouna: skilled, skillful, proficient
堪能する: tannnousuru: be satisfied [satiated, fed up] (with)
check also: 有能


pronunciation: tannnou
kanji characters:
keyword: organs
translation: gall bladder
胆嚢炎: tannnouen: inflammation of gall bladder <<<


pronunciation: tanpaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: タンパク
keyword: biology , food
translation: protein
蛋白質: tanpakushitsu <<<
蛋白質の: tanpakushitsuno: proteinic, albuminous
蛋白尿: tanpakunyou: albuminuria <<< 尿
蛋白石: tanpakuseki: opal <<<
check also: 脂肪 , 澱粉


pronunciation: tanpo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , realty
translation: security, mortgage (n.), guarantee, pledge
担保に入れる: tanponiireru: give (a thing) as security pledge (for), mortgage (v.) <<<
担保に取る: tanponitoru: hold a mortgage on <<<
担保差押: tanposashiosae: foreclosure <<< 差押
担保物権: tanpobukken: real rights granted by a way of security
担保付: tanpotsuki: with security, covered, secured <<<
担保付貸金: tanpotsukikashikin: secured loan
担保付社債: tanpotsukishasai: secured debenture <<< 社債
担保付手形: tanpotsukitegata: bills with collateral securities <<< 手形
無担保: mutanpo: without security, uncovered <<<
拡張担保: kakuchoutanpo: extended coverage <<< 拡張
check also: 抵当


pronunciation: tanpo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: hot-water bottle, foot warmer
湯湯婆: yutanpo <<<

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