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pronunciation: shoumetsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: extinction, disappearance
消滅する: shoumetsusuru: disappear, cease to exist, be extinguished, go out of existence, become null
check also: 消失 , 絶滅


pronunciation: shoumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: relish (n.), appreciation
賞味する: shoumisuru: relish (v.), taste with relish, appreciate
賞味期限: shoumikigen: shelf life <<< 期限


pronunciation: shoumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: net
正味で: shoumide
正味重量: shoumijuuryou: net weight <<< 重量
正味値段: shouminedan: net price <<< 値段
正味二日: shoumihutsuka: two full [clear] days <<< 二日


pronunciation: shoumou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , business
translation: consumption, wear and tear
消耗する: shoumousuru: consume, use up, exhaust, waste
消耗した: shoumoushita: exhausted
消耗戦: shoumousen: war of attrition <<<
消耗費: shoumouhi: wear and tear expenses <<<
消耗品: shoumouhin: article of consumption, expendable supplies <<<
消耗率: shoumouritsu: attrition rate <<<


pronunciation: shounen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , life
translation: boy, juvenile
少年の様な: shounennnoyouna: boyish <<<
少年らしい: shounenrashii
少年院: shounennin: reformatory, workhouse <<<
少年法: shounenhou: juvenile law <<<
少年団: shounendan: Boy Scouts <<<
少年団員: shounendannin: boy scout <<<
少年犯罪: shounenhanzai: juvenile delinquency <<< 犯罪
少年時代: shounenjidai: boyhood <<< 時代
少年雑誌: shounenzasshi: boy's magazine <<< 雑誌
少年保護: shounenhogo: youth welfare <<< 保護
青少年: seishounen: the youth, rising [younger] generation <<<
青少年教育: seishounenkyouiku: education of youth <<< 教育
青少年補導: seishounenhodou: protection and guidance of young people <<< 補導
美少年: bishounen: handsome boy <<<
狼少年: ookamishounen: The Boy Who Cried Wolf <<<
電波少年: denpashounen: Denpa Shonen (a Japanese TV reality show, 1992-2003) <<< 電波
不良少年: huryoushounen: delinquent boy, juvenile delinquent <<< 不良
check also: 少女 , 年少 , ボーイ


pronunciation: shouni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: child, infant, baby
小児科の: shounikano: pediatric <<<
小児科: shounika: pediatrics
小児科医: shounikai: pediatrician
小児病: shounibyou: infantile disease <<<
小児病の: shounibyouno: infantilistic, infantile
小児愛: shouniai: pedophilia, paedophilia <<<
小児愛者: shouniaisha: pedophile <<<
小児麻痺: shounimahi: infantile paralysis, poliomyelitis, polio <<< 麻痺
check also: 幼児 , 赤ん坊 , ベビー


pronunciation: shounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: acknowledge, recognition
承認する: shouninsuru: admit, agree, recognize
承認を得る: shouninnoeru: obtain approval <<<
承認を求める: shouninnomotomeru: ask approval <<<
承認書: shouninsho: written acknowledgment <<<
限定承認: genteishounin: acceptance in profit of inventory <<< 限定
辞職を承認する: jishokuoshouninsuru: accept a person's resignation <<< 辞職
check also: 了承


pronunciation: shounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: witness, evidence
証人に立つ: shouninnnitatsu: bear witness, testify <<<
証人に成る: shouninnninaru <<<
証人席: shouninseki: witness stand, witness box <<<
証人台: shounindai <<<
証人尋問: shouninjinmon: questioning of the witness <<< 尋問
証人召喚: shouninshoukan: witness summons <<< 召喚
check also: 証拠


pronunciation: shounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , business
translation: merchant, dealer, trader, tradesman
商人の: shouninnno: mercantile, mercenary
商人根性: shouninkonjou: tradesman's [mercenary] spirit <<< 根性
商人道徳: shounindoutoku: tradesman's morality <<< 道徳
死の商人: shinoshounin: merchant of death, weapon trader <<<
奴隷商人: doreishounin: slave trader <<< 奴隷
薬草商人: yakusoushounin: herbalist <<< 薬草
羊毛商人: youmoushounin: wool merchant <<< 羊毛
近江商人: oumishounin: merchants from Omi region <<< 近江
中間商人: chuukanshounin: middleman, broker <<< 中間
悪徳商人: akutokushounin: wicked [dishonest] traders [dealers] <<< 悪徳
露店商人: rotenshounin: stallkeeper, street vendor <<< 露店
天性の商人: tenseinoshounin: born merchant <<< 天性
街頭商人: gaitoushounin: street trader [vendor] <<< 街頭
ベニスの商人: benisunoshounin: The Merchant of Venice (play of William Shakespeare, 1596-1598) <<< ベニス


pronunciation: shourai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , life
translation: future (n.), in the future
将来は: shouraiwa: in the future, henceforth, some day
将来の: shouraino: future (a.), prospective
将来の有る: shourainoaru: promising, with bright prospects <<<
将来有望な: shouraiyuubouna
将来に備える: shourainisonaeru: provide for the future <<<
将来を考える: shouraiokangaeru: think of the future <<<
将来性: shouraisei: prospect, possibilities <<<
近い将来に: chikaishouraini: in the near future <<<
遠い将来に: tooishouraini: in the distant [remote] future <<<
check also: 未来

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