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pronunciation: shokushu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: sort [kind, type] of occupation
職種別に: shokushubetsuni: according to occupations, (classify) by occupation <<<
check also: 職業


pronunciation: shokutaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: dining table
食卓に着く: shokutakunitsuku: sit at [down to] table, be at table <<<
食卓掛け: shokutakukake: tablecloth <<<
食卓塩: shokutakuen: table salt <<<
synonyms: テーブル


pronunciation: shokuyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: appetite
食欲が有る: shokuyokugaaru: have a good appetite <<<
食欲が無い: shokuyokuganai: have a poor appetite <<<
食欲をそそる: shokushokuososoru: stimulate [arouse, excite] one's appetite
食欲を削ぐ: shokuyokuosogu: spoil one's appetite <<<
食欲が出る: shokuyokugaderu: One's appetite improves <<<
食欲が増進する: shokushokugazoushinsuru <<< 増進
食欲減退: shokuyokugentai: loss [lack] of appetite, anorexia
食欲不振: shokuyokuhushin <<< 不振


pronunciation: shokuzai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: foodstuff


pronunciation: shokuzen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: before a meal
食前に: shokuzennni
食前酒: shokuzenshu: aperitif <<<
check also: 食後


pronunciation: shokyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: first [beginner's] class
初級の: shokyuuno: elementary, basic
初級向きの: shokyuumukino: for beginners <<<
初級文法: shokyuubunpou: basic grammar <<< 文法
check also: 入門


pronunciation: shomei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: signature, autograph
署名する: shomeisuru: sign (v.), subscribe
署名入りの: shomeiirino: autographed, signed <<<
署名者: shomeisha: signer, signatory <<<
署名国: shomeikoku: signatory countries <<<
署名運動: shomeiundou: signature campaign <<< 運動
synonyms: サイン


pronunciation: shomin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: commoner, common people, mass
庶民的: shominteki: popular, lowbrow <<<
庶民性: shominsei: popularity <<<
庶民階級: shominkaikyuu: commoner class <<< 階級
synonyms: 平民 , 大衆


pronunciation: shonichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: the first [opening] day
初日興行: shonichikougyou: opening performance, the première <<< 興行


pronunciation: shori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: processing, treatment, management, disposition, disposal, treatment, fielding (of a ball)
処理する: shorisuru: manage, dispose of (a matter), deal with (an affair), conduct (business), treat (a thing with), field (a ball)
処理速度: shorisokudo: processing speed <<< 速度
再処理: saishori: retreatment <<<
熱処理: netsushori: thermal treatment <<<
汚水処理: osuishori: sewage disposal <<< 汚水
前向きに処理する: maemukinishorisuru: deal with (the situation) positively [in a positive way] <<< 前向き
加熱処理: kanetsushori: heat treatment [treating], thermal treatment <<< 加熱
塩素処理: ensoshori: chlorination <<< 塩素
画像処理: gazoushori: image processing <<< 画像
汚物処理: obutsushori: disposal of sewage and garbage <<< 汚物
地雷処理: jiraishori: mine cleaning <<< 地雷
情報処理: jouhoushori: information [data] processing <<< 情報
データ処理: deetashori: data processing <<< データ
ファイル処理: fairushori: file processing <<< ファイル

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