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pronunciation: shouen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: powder smoke


pronunciation: shouen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: small banquet, informal party
小宴を催す: shouennomoyoosu: give a small banquet <<<


pronunciation: shouga
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ショウガ
keyword: condiment
translation: ginger
紅生姜: benishouga: red pickled ginger <<<
check also: 茗荷


pronunciation: shougai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , medicine
translation: obstruction, obstacle, impediment, hindrance, drawback, barrier, disability, defect
障害になる: shougaininaru: hinder, impede, be in the way, be a hindrance to
障害者: shougaisha: disabled person, defective <<<
障害物: shougaibutsu: obstacle, hurdle, barricade <<<
障害物競走: shougaibutsukyousou: obstacle race, hurdle race, steeplechase <<< 競走
受信障害: jushinshougai: (be troubled by) poor reception <<< 受信
栄養障害: eiyoushougai: nutritional disturbances <<< 栄養
機能障害: kinoushougai: functional disorder <<< 機能
身体障害: shintaishougai: physical handicap <<< 身体
官能障害: kannnoushougai: sensory disorder <<< 官能
記憶障害: kiokushougai: disturbance of memory <<< 記憶
更年期障害: kounenkishougai: climacteric disorders <<< 更年期
情緒障害: jouchoshougai: emotional disorder <<< 情緒
胃腸障害: ichoushougai: stomach [digestive] disorder <<< 胃腸
言語障害: gengoshougai: speech defect <<< 言語
check also: 邪魔 , 妨害


pronunciation: shougai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: life, career, lifetime, for life, throughout (all) one's life, so long as one lives, to the end of one's life
生涯の: shougaino: lifelong
生涯を通じて: shougaiotsuujite: throughout his life, for as long as he lived [lives], all one's life <<<
生涯の友: shougainotomo: lifelong [lifetime] friend <<<
生涯の仕事: shougainoshigoto: (one's) lifework <<< 仕事
生涯学習: shougaigakushuu: lifelong learning [study] <<< 学習
生涯教育: shougaikyouiku: lifelong education <<< 教育


pronunciation: shougaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: elementary study [learning]
小学生: shougakusei: pupil <<<
小学校: shougakkou: elementary school <<<
小学校教員: shougakkoukyouin: elementary school's teacher <<< 教員
小学教育: shougakukyouiku: elementary education <<< 教育
check also: 中学 , 大学


pronunciation: shougaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: encouragement to studies
奨学金: shougakukin: scholarship, fellowship <<<
奨学生: shougakusei: scholarship student <<<


pronunciation: shougatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest
translation: new year, celebration of new year
御正月: oshougatsu <<<
旧正月: kyuushougatsu: Chinese New Year, new year in lunar calendar <<<
check also: 新年 , 元旦 , 元日


pronunciation: shougeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , medicine
translation: shock (n.), impact, impulse
衝撃を受ける: shougekioukeru: galvanize, jolt <<<
衝撃を与える: shougekioataeru: shock (v.), give a shock <<<
衝撃的: shougekiteki: shocking, daring <<<
衝撃音: shougekion: bang <<<
衝撃波: shougekiha: shock wave <<<
衝撃療法: shougekiryouhou: shock therapy <<< 療法
check also: ショック


pronunciation: shougen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: testimony, verbal evidence
証言する: shougensuru: testify, give evidence, bear witness
証言者: shougensha: witness <<< , 証人
証言書: shougensho: written testimony <<<
証言台: shougendai: witness stand <<<
証言台に立つ: shougendainitatsu: take the witness stand <<<

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