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pronunciation: shinpu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: priest, father
ダミアン神父: damianshinpu: Father Damien <<< ダミアン
check also: 牧師


pronunciation: shinrai
kanji characters: ,
translation: trust (n.), confidence, credibility
信頼する: shinraisuru: trust (v.)
信頼に答える: shinrainikotaeru: prove oneself worthy of another's trust <<<
信頼し難い: shinraishigatai: unreliable, untrustworthy <<<
信頼出来る: shinraidekiru: reliable, credible, safe <<< 出来
信頼を裏切る: shinraiouragiru: betray [fail] a person's trust <<< 裏切
check also: 信用 , 確信


pronunciation: shinrei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: psychics
心霊の: shinreino: psychic, psychical
心霊術: shinreitsuju: psychic art <<<
心霊研究: shinreikenkyuu: psychic research <<< 研究
心霊現象: shinreigenshou: psychic phenomena <<< 現象
check also: 精神 , 心理


pronunciation: shinri
kanji characters: ,
translation: truth
真理を求める: shinriomotomeru: seek (after) truth <<<
真理を探究する: shinriotankyuusuru
真理の探究: shinrinotankyuu: pursuit of truth
真理の追究: shinrinotsuikyuu


pronunciation: shinri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: examination, trial, inquisition
審理する: shinrisuru: try, examine [inquire into]
審理中: shinrichuu: under discussion [examination] <<<
審理手続: shinritetsuZuki: examination proceeding [formality] <<< 手続
check also: 審査


pronunciation: shinri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: psychology
translation: psychology, mentality
心理的: shinriteki: psychological <<<
心理学: shinrigaku: psychology <<<
心理学者: shinrigakusha: psychologist <<< 学者
心理作用: shinrisayou: mental process <<< 作用
心理主義: shinrishugi: psychologism <<< 主義
心理小説: shinrishousetsu: psychological novel <<< 小説
心理戦争: shinrisensou: psychological warfare <<< 戦争
心理描写: shinribyousha: psychological description <<< 描写
心理分析: shinribunseki: psychoanalysis <<< 分析
心理療法: shinriryouhou: psychotherapy <<< 療法
心理テスト: shinritesuto: psychological test <<< テスト
女性心理: joseishinri: feminine psychology <<< 女性
児童心理: jidoushinri: child psychology <<< 児童
変態心理: hentaishinri: abnormal mentality <<< 変態
群集心理: gunshuushinri: mob [mass] psychology <<< 群集
集団心理: shuudanshinri: mass psychology <<< 集団
民衆心理: minshuushinri: mass psychology <<< 民衆
check also: 精神 , 心霊


pronunciation: shinrin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , environment
translation: forest, timber
森林学: shinringaku: forestry (studies) <<<
森林法: shinrinhou: forest laws <<<
森林帯: shinrintai: forest land <<<
森林地帯: shinrinchitai <<< 地帯
森林管理: shinrinkanri: forestry (commission) <<< 管理
森林管理人: shinrinkanrinin: forest manager, forest ranger <<<
森林破壊: shinrinhakai: deforestation <<< 破壊
森林公園: shinrinkouen: forest park <<< 公園
森林開発: shinrinkaihatsu: forestry (development) <<< 開発
森林保護: shinrinhogo: forest protection <<< 保護


pronunciation: shinro
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 進路
keyword: travel , life
translation: course, direction
針路を取る: shinrootoru: head for <<<
針路を誤る: shinrooayamaru: take a wrong course, deviate from one's course <<<
針路を開く: shinroohiraku: open the way (for), cut one's way, make way <<<
針路を転じる: shinrootenjiru: change [shift, alter] one's course <<<
針路を変える: shinrookaeru <<<
針路を変えない: shinrookaenai: stand upon the course
針路を定める: shinroosadameru: fix one's course <<<
針路を外れる: shinroohazureru: sheer away, yaw <<<


pronunciation: shinrou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: bridegroom
新郎新婦: shinroushinpu: bride and bridegroom, newly married couple, newly-weds


pronunciation: shinrui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: relative, relation
親類である: shinruidearu: be a relation of, be related to
親類付合い: shinruiZukiai: intercourse with one's relative <<< 付合
親類縁者: shinruienja: friends and relatives
親類関係: shinruikankei: relationship, kinship <<< 関係
近い親類: chikaishinrui: close relative <<<
遠い親類: tooishinrui: remote relative <<<
check also: 親戚 , 親族

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