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pronunciation: shijuu , yonjuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 40
keyword: number , bird
translation: forty
四十代: shijuudai, yonjuudai: one's forties <<<
四十番: yonjuuban: the fortieth <<<
第四十: daiyonjuu <<<
四十雀: shijuukara: titmouse <<<
四十八: shijuuhachi, yonjuuhachi: forty-eight <<<
四十八手: shijuuhatte: forty-eight techniques (of sumo), all the tricks (Japanese alphabet has 48 characters) <<<


pronunciation: shika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: dentistry, dental surgery
歯科医: shikai: dentist <<<
歯科病院: shikabyouin: dental clinic [hospital] <<< 病院
歯科医院: shikaiin: dentist's office <<< 医院
歯科大学: shikadaigaku: dental college <<< 大学


pronunciation: shikai
kanji characters: ,
translation: range of vision, field of view
視界に入る: shikainihairu: come into view <<<
視界を去る: shikaiosaru: go out of sight, disappear <<<
視界を遮る: shikaiosaegiru: obstruct the view <<<
check also: 視野


pronunciation: shikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: chairmanship
司会する: shikaisuru: preside, chair (v.)
司会で: shikaide: presided over by
司会人: shikainin: president, chairman, master of ceremonies <<<
司会者: shikaisha <<<


pronunciation: shikake
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: contrivance, device, mechanism
仕掛ける: shikakeru: begin (to do), commence (doing, to do), set about (one's work, doing), set up, install
仕掛花火: shikakehanabi: a set piece of fireworks <<< 花火
仕掛爆弾: shikakebakudan: time bomb <<< 爆弾
大仕掛けの: oojikakeno: of a large scale <<<
罠を仕掛ける: wanaoshikakeru: set a trap (for) <<<
喧嘩を仕掛る: kenkaoshikakeru: provoke (a person) to a quarrel, pick a quarrel (with a person) <<< 喧嘩
爆弾を仕掛ける: bakudannoshikakeru: plant an explosive <<< 爆弾
発条仕掛の: banejikakeno: spring-loaded, worked by a spring <<< 発条
check also: 絡繰


pronunciation: shikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , sport
translation: qualification, competency, capacity
資格が有る: shikakugaaru: be qualified, competent, eligible <<<
資格が無い: shikakuganai: be unqualified, incompetent <<<
資格を得る: shikakuoeru: obtain qualification <<<
資格を失う: shikakuoushinau: be disqualified <<<
資格を与える: shikakuoataeru: qualify, entitle <<<
資格を奪う: shikakuoubau: disqualify <<<
資格審査: shikakushinsa: examination of qualification <<< 審査
資格喪失: shikakusoushitsu: disqualification <<< 喪失
資格証明: shikakushoumei: qualification certificate <<< 証明
入学資格: nyuugakushikaku: requirements for admission <<< 入学
受験資格: jukenshikaku: qualification for an examination <<< 受験
会員資格: kaiinshikaku: qualification of membership <<< 会員
出場資格: shutsujoushikaku: qualification (for participation) <<< 出場
応募資格: ouboshikaku: qualification requirements <<< 応募


pronunciation: shikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: square (n.), quadrangle
四角形: shikakukei <<<
四角張る: shikakubaru: be formal (stiff, starchy), stand on ceremony <<<
四角の: shikakuno: square (a.), quadrilateral


pronunciation: shikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , politics
translation: stabber, assassin
check also: 暗殺


pronunciation: shikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: vision, eyesight, sense of sight
視覚教育: shikakukyouiku: visual education <<< 教育
視覚芸術: shikakugeijutsu: visual arts <<< 芸術
視覚言語: shikakugengo: visual language <<< 言語


pronunciation: shikan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: officer, military officer, naval officer
下士官: kashikan: non-commissioned officer, petty officer <<<
士官学校: shikangakkou: military academy, naval college <<< 学校
士官候補生: shikankouhosei: probational officer, midshipman
士官集会所: shikanshuukaijo: officers' mess
陸軍士官: rikugunshikan: military officer, army officer <<< 陸軍
海軍士官: kaigunshikan: naval officer <<< 海軍
check also: 将校

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