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pronunciation: shiin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: cause of death
死因を調べる: shiinnoshiraberu: inquire into the cause of a person's death <<< 調 , 検死


pronunciation: shiire
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: stocking, buying in
仕入る: shiireru: buy in, lay in, stock
仕入高: shiiredaka: amount of goods laid in <<<
仕入品: shiirehin: stocks on hand <<<
仕入先: shiiresaki: vendor <<<
仕入値: shiirene: cost price <<<
仕入価格: shiirekakaku <<< 価格
仕入価格で: shiirekakakude: at cost
商品仕入: shouhinshiire: goods input, stock receipt <<< 商品


pronunciation: shiitake
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: Shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes


pronunciation: shiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , grammar
translation: assignment, instruction, direction, indication, order (n.)
指示する: shijisuru: assign, instruct, direct, indicate, order (v.)
指示を与える: shijioataeru: give instruction to <<<
指示を受ける: shijioukeru: receive a person's instruction <<<
指示に従う: shijinishitagau: follow a person's instruction <<<
指示板: shijiban: information board <<<
指示代名詞: shijidaimeishi: demonstrative pronoun


pronunciation: shiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: support (n.), back (n.), advocacy, adherence
支持する: shijisuru: support (v.), back (v.), advocate, adhere, approve
支持を得る: shijioeru: be supported by, have [get] the support [backing] of <<<
支持を受ける: shijioukeru <<<
支持者: shijisha: supporter, backer <<< , サポーター
支持率: shijiritsu: approval rate <<<
強力な支持: kyouryokunashiji: powerful support <<< 強力


pronunciation: shijin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: poet, poetess
郷土詩人: kyoudoshijin: local poet <<< 郷土
田園詩人: dennenshijin: idylist <<< 田園
叙情詩人: jojoushijin: lyric poet, lyricist <<< 叙情
天性の詩人: tenseinoshijin: born poet <<< 天性


pronunciation: shijo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: children, sons and daughters
check also: 子供


pronunciation: shijou
kanji characters: ,
translation: supreme, sovereign
至上の: shijouno
至上命令: shijoumeirei: supreme order, categorical imperative <<< 命令


pronunciation: shijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: in history
史上稀な: shijoumarena: unparalleled in history <<<
史上類の無い: shijouruinonai


pronunciation: shijou , ichiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , economy
translation: market, marketplace, outlet
市場に出す: shijounidasu: put one the market <<<
市場性: shijousei: marketability <<<
市場調査: shijouchousa: market survey [surveying] <<< 調査
市場価格: shijoukakaku: market value [prices] <<< 価格
市場価値: shijoukachi <<< 価値
市場取引: shijoutorihiki: market transactions <<< 取引
市場経済: shijoukeizai: market economy <<< 経済
市場開放: shijoukaihou: market opening <<< 開放
魚市場: uoichiba: fish market <<<
国内市場: kokunaishijou: home market <<< 国内
穀物市場: kokumotsushijou: grain market, corn market <<< 穀物
株式市場: kabushikishijou: stock market <<< 株式
証券市場: shoukenshijou: security market <<< 証券
店頭市場: tentoushijou: over-the-counter market <<< 店頭
標的市場: hyoutekishijou: market target <<< 標的
労働市場: roudoushijou: labor market <<< 労働
外国市場: gaikokushijou: foreign market <<< 外国
活発な市場: kappatsunashijou: brisk [lively, booming] market <<< 活発
欧州市場: oushuushijou: European market <<< 欧州
築地市場: tsukijishijoutsukijiichiba: Tsukiji Market <<< 築地
海外市場: kaigaishijou: international [foreign] market <<< 海外
為替市場: kawaseshijou: exchange market <<< 為替
外為市場: gaitameshijou: foreign exchange market <<< 外為
織物市場: orimonoshijou: cloth market <<< 織物
公開市場: koukaishijou: open market <<< 公開
家畜市場: kachikushijou: cattle market <<< 家畜
自由市場: jiyuushijou: free [open] market <<< 自由
金融市場: kinnyuushijou: monetary market <<< 金融
現物市場: genbutsushijou: spot market <<< 現物
卸売市場: oroshiurishijou: wholesale market <<< 卸売
青空市場: aozoraichiba: open-air market <<< 青空
上向市場: uwamukishijou: uptrend market <<< 上向
先物市場: sakimonoshijou: futures market <<< 先物
二次市場: nijishijou: second market <<< 二次
中央市場: chuuoushijou: central market <<< 中央
オフショア市場: ohushoashijou: offshore market <<< オフショア
スポット市場: supottoshijou: spot market <<< スポット
ユーロ市場: yuuroshijou: euro market <<< ユーロ
check also: マーケット , バザー

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