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pronunciation: saiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: recovery, come back, convalescence
再起する: saikisuru: recover, come back, make one's comeback
再起不能: saikihunou: pas [beyond all] hope of recovery, disabled for active service <<< 不能
check also: 回復


pronunciation: saikin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: recently
最近の: saikinnno: recent, newest, latest


pronunciation: saikin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , war
translation: bacteria, microbe, germ, microorganism
細菌学: saikingaku: bacteriology <<<
細菌学者: saikingakusha: bacteriologist <<< 学者
細菌戦: saikinsen: bacteriological (germ) warfare <<<
細菌戦争: saikinsensou <<< 戦争
細菌弾: saikindan: microbe (biological) bomb <<<
細菌状: saikinjou: bacilliform <<<
細菌培養: saikinbaiyou: bacterial culture <<< 培養
check also: バクテリア


pronunciation: saikon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: second marriage, remarriage
再婚の: saikonnno: remarried
再婚する: saikonsuru: marry again, remarry, be married again
再婚者: saikonsha: remarried person <<<
check also: 結婚


pronunciation: saikoro
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 骰子, サイコロ
keyword: game
translation: die, dice (plur.)
賽子を投げる: saikoroonageru: dice (v.), cast [throw] dice <<<
賽子を転がす: saikorookorogasu <<<
賽子を振る: saikoroohuru <<<
賽子の目: saikoronome: spots on a die <<<


pronunciation: saikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , business
translation: best, top, superior, supreme, maximum (n.)
最高の: saikouno: highest, supreme, superlative, maximum (a.), maximal
最高峯: saikouhou: summit, peak
最高点: saikouten: top, the highest point, mark <<<
最高額: saikougaku: the maximum amount <<<
最高価格: saikoukakaku: top (ceiling) price <<< 価格
最高速度: saikousokudo: the maximum speed <<< 速度
最高記録: saikoukiroku: the best record <<< 記録
最高学府: saikougakuhu: the highest seat of learning
最高限度: saikougendo: the highest limit, the maximum <<< 限度
最高裁判所: saikousaibansho: supreme court <<< 裁判所
check also: 最低 , 最大


pronunciation: saiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics , decoration
translation: workmanship, handiwork, manipulation
細工する: saikusuru: tool (v.), work detail, manipulate
細工が良い: saikugaii: be of good workmanship <<<
細工が悪い: saikugawarui: be of bad workmanship <<<
細工場: saikuba: workshop, workroom <<< , アトリエ
細工人: saikunin: worker, artisan <<<
貝細工: kaizaiku: shellwork <<<
手細工: tezaiku: handwork <<<
籐細工: touzaiku: rattan work
竹細工: takezaiku: bamboo work <<<
不細工な: busaikuna: awkward, clumsy, badly-made, plain-looking, homely <<<
格子細工: koushizaiku: latticework, latticing <<< 格子
麦藁細工: mugiwarazaiku: straw fancy goods, straw-work <<< 麦藁
翡翠細工: hisuizaiku: jade (work) <<< 翡翠
貝殻細工: kaigarazaiku: shell-work <<< 貝殻
真鍮細工: shinchuuzaiku: brasswork <<< 真鍮
粘土細工: nendozaiku: clay works <<< 粘土
水晶細工: suishouzaiku: crystal ware <<< 水晶
象牙細工: zougezaiku: ivory carving, ivory work <<< 象牙
宝石細工: housekizaiku: jewelry, jewellery <<< 宝石
針金細工: hariganezaiku: wirework <<< 針金
ブリキ細工: burikizaiku: tinware <<< ブリキ
check also: 工作 , 絡繰


pronunciation: saikyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: the strongest
最強の: saikyouno: strongest (a.)
synonyms: 無敵


pronunciation: saimin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: hypnotism, mesmerism
催眠術: saiminjutsu <<<
催眠術に掛かる: saiminjutsunikakaru: be hypnotized, be mesmerized <<<
催眠術を掛ける: saiminjutsuokakeru: hypnotize [mesmerize] (a person) <<<
催眠術を施す: saiminjutsuohodokosu <<<
催眠術師: saiminjutsushi: hypnotist, mesmerist <<<
催眠術治療: saiminjutsuchiryou: hypnotherapy <<< 治療
催眠治療: saiminchiryou
催眠状態: saiminjoutai: hypnotic state, hypnosis <<< 状態
催眠状態の人: saiminjoutainohito: hypnotic (person) <<<
催眠状態から覚ます: saiminjoutaikarasamasu: dehypnotize <<<
自己催眠: jikosaimin: autohypnosis <<< 自己
check also: 睡眠


pronunciation: sainan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: mischief, misfortune, calamity, disaster, accident
災難に遭う: sainannniau: meet with a misfortune <<<
災難を免れる: sainannomanugareru: escape a disaster <<<
災難続き: sainantsuZuki: series of accidents [misfortunes], run of ill luck <<<
check also: 災害 , 災禍

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