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pronunciation: saiban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: trial, judgment, justice
裁判の: saibannno: judicial, juridical
裁判する: saibansuru: try, judge (v.)
裁判に付する: saibannnihusuru: put on a trial <<<
裁判に掛ける: saibannnikakeru <<<
裁判に成る: saibannninaru: be put on trial, be tried <<<
裁判に勝つ: saibannnikatsu: win a suit <<<
裁判に負ける: saibannnimakeru: lose a suit <<<
裁判官: saibankan: judge (n.) <<<
裁判長: saibanchou: presiding [chief] judge <<<
裁判権: saibanken: jurisdiction <<<
裁判沙汰: saibanzata: lawsuit <<< 沙汰
裁判沙汰にする: saibanzatanisuru: go to law (against a person)
裁判費用: saibanhiyou: judicial costs <<< 費用
裁判手続: saibantetsuZuki: legal procedure [proceedings] <<< 手続
宗教裁判: shuukyousaiban: inquisition <<< 宗教
刑事裁判: keijisaiban: criminal trial <<< 刑事
欠席裁判: kessekisaiban: judgment by default <<< 欠席
確定裁判: kakuteisaiban: irrevocable judgment <<< 確定
即決裁判: sokketsusaiban: summary trial [decision] <<< 即決
人民裁判: jinminsaiban: people's court <<< 人民
check also: 訴訟 , 公判 , 裁判所


pronunciation: saibansho
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: justice
translation: court, courthouse, bar
高等裁判所: koutousaibansho: high court <<< 高等
管轄裁判所: kankatsusaibansho: competent court <<< 管轄
家庭裁判所: kateisaibansho: court of family affairs <<< 家庭
巡回裁判所: junkaisaibansho: circuit court <<< 巡回
連邦裁判所: renpousaibansho: federal court <<< 連邦
地方裁判所: chihousaibansho: local court <<< 地方
簡易裁判所: kannisaibansho: Summary Court <<< 簡易
最高裁判所: saikousaibansho: supreme court <<< 最高
check also: 裁判


pronunciation: saibou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , politics
translation: cell
細胞の: saibouno: cellular
細胞学: saibougaku: cytology <<<
細胞核: saiboukaku: nucleus <<<
細胞膜: saiboumaku: cell membrane <<<
細胞質: saiboushitsu: cytoplasm <<<
細胞組織: saibousoshiki: cellular tissue <<< 組織
細胞分裂: saiboubunretsu: cell division <<< 分裂
単細胞: tansaibou: single-cell, unicellular <<<
多細胞: tasaibou: multi-cellular <<<
幹細胞: kansaibou: stem cell <<<
万能細胞: bannnousaibou: ES [embryonic stem] cell <<< 万能
味覚細胞: mikakusaibou: gustatory cell <<< 味覚
生殖細胞: seishokusaibou: generative cell <<< 生殖
check also: セル


pronunciation: saidai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: maximum (n.)
最大の: saidaino: biggest, largest, greatest, maximum (a.)
最大効率: saidaikouritsu: maximum efficiency <<< 効率
最大圧力: saidaiatsuryoku: maximum pressure <<< 圧力
最大出力: saidaishutsuryoku: maximum output
最大速力: saidaisokuryoku: maximum speed
最大風速: saidaihuusoku: maximum wind speed <<< 風速
最大張力: saidaichouryoku: maximum tension <<< 張力
最大雨量: saidaiuryou: maximum rainfall
最大公約数: saidaikouyakusuu: the greatest common measure (divisor)
check also: 最小 , 最高


pronunciation: saidan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: altar
祭壇を設ける: saidannomoukeru: raise an altar <<<


pronunciation: saido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: twice, again, for the second time
再度の: saidono: another [a second] attempt
再度試みる: saidokokoromiru: try again, try once more <<<


pronunciation: saigai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: disaster, calamity, catastrophe
災害を被る: saigaiokoumuru: suffer from a disaster <<<
災害地: saigaichi: stricken [afflicted] district [area] <<<
災害保険: saigaihoken: disaster insurance <<< 保険
災害援助: saigaienjo: disaster aid <<< 援助
災害救助: saigaikyuujo: disaster relief <<< 救助
災害防止: saigaiboushi: accident protection, prevention of accidents <<< 防止
災害補償: saigaihoshou: accident compensation <<< 補償
check also: 災難 , 被災


pronunciation: saigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: reappearance, reproduction
再現する: saigensuru: reappear, appear again, reproduce


pronunciation: saigo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: one's death [end]
最期の言葉: saigonokotoba: one's last [dying] words <<< 言葉
悲惨な最期: hisannnasaigo: tragic death [end] <<< 悲惨
check also: 最後 , 臨終


pronunciation: saigo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , war
translation: the last, end
最後の: saigono: final, last (a.), ultimate
最後に: saigoni: finally
最後まで: saigomade: to the end, to the last
最後まで戦う: saigomadetatakau: fight it out <<<
最後の授業: saigonojugyou: last lesson, last class <<< 授業
最後の審判: saigonoshinpan: the last judgment <<< 審判
最後通牒: saigotsuuchou: ultimatum
check also: 最期 , 最終 , 最初

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