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pronunciation: sasoriza
kanji characters: ,
other spells: サソリ座
keyword: astronomy
translation: Scorpion, Scorpio


pronunciation: sassoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: instantly, immediately, promptly, at once, without delay
早速の: sassokuno: instant, immediate, prompt
早速する: sassokusuru: lose no time (in doing)
早速ですが: sassokudesuga: let's get to the heart of the matter
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pronunciation: sassou
kanji characters:
translation: smartness
颯爽とした: sassoutoshita: smart, gallant, elegant
颯爽と: sassouto: smartly, gallantly, elegantly
check also: 機敏 , スマート , エレガント


pronunciation: sasuga
kanji characters: ,
translation: truly, indeed, really, as one might expected
流石に: sasugani
流石は: sasugawa


pronunciation: sasuke
kanji characters: ,
other spells: サスケ (a Japanese ninja manga of Sampei Shirato, 1961-1966)
keyword: name
translation: Sasuke (an old Japanese name)


pronunciation: sata
kanji characters:
keyword: administration
translation: notice, news, message, information, instruction, orders, command, affair
沙汰が有る: satagaaru: hear [get news] from (a person) <<<
沙汰の限り: satanokagiri: unpardonable, absurd, act of madness <<<
沙汰闇の: satayamino: dropped, abandoned, called off <<<
御無沙汰: gobusata: long silence
御無沙汰する: gobusatasuru: neglect to write [call]
訴訟沙汰にする: soshouzatanisuru: go to law (against a person) <<< 訴訟
裁判沙汰: saibanzata: lawsuit <<< 裁判
裁判沙汰にする: saibanzatanisuru: go to law (against a person) <<< 裁判
check also: 通知 , 命令


pronunciation: satchuuzai
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: insect
translation: insecticide, pesticide, insect powder


pronunciation: satei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: assessment
査定する: sateisuru: assess, value, revise
査定額: sateigaku: assessed amount [income] <<<
check also: 見積


pronunciation: satoimo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: taro


pronunciation: satou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: confectionery
translation: sugar (n.)
砂糖を入れる: satouoireru: put in sugar <<<
砂糖で甘くする: satoudeamakusuru: sugar (v.) <<<
砂糖漬けの: satouZukeno: candied <<<
砂糖漬けにする: satouZukenisuru: preserve in sugar
砂糖入れ: satouire: sugar basin [bowl] <<<
砂糖壷: satoutsubo <<<
砂糖挟み: satoubasami: sugar tongs <<<
砂糖黍: satoukibi: sugar cane
砂糖菓子: satougashi: sweet <<< 菓子
砂糖大根: satoudaikon: sugar beet <<< 大根
角砂糖: kakuzatou: lump sugar <<<
黒砂糖: kurozatou: raw [crude] sugar, unrefined sugar <<<
白砂糖: shirozatou: white sugar <<<
氷砂糖: koorizatou: rock candy <<<
粉砂糖: konazatou: powdered [icing] sugar, confectioner's sugar <<<

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