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pronunciation: shuubun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: autumnal equinox
秋分の日: shuubunnnohi: Autumnal Equinox Day <<<
check also: 彼岸 , 春分


pronunciation: shuuchaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: attachment (to), persistence (in)
執着する: shuuchakusuru: be excessively attached, cling [stick] (to), be stubbornly bent (on)
執着心: shuuchakushin: tenacity, persistence <<< , 執念


pronunciation: shuuchou
kanji characters:
keyword: history
translation: tribal chief, headman


pronunciation: shuuchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , education
translation: concentration, centralization
集中する: shuuchuusuru: concentrate, centralize
集中力: shuuchuuryoku: application <<<
集中的: shuuchuuteki: intensive <<<
集中治療: shuuchuuchiryou: intensive care <<< 治療
集中攻撃: shuuchuukougeki: concentrated attack <<< 攻撃
集中砲火: shuuchuuhouka: concentrated fire <<< 砲火
集中豪雨: shuuchuugouu: local downpour <<< 豪雨
集中排除: shuuchuuhaijo: decentralization <<< 排除
集中講座: shuuchuukouza: intensive course, crash course <<< 講座
集中暖房: shuuchuudanbou: central heating <<< 暖房
砲火を集中する: houkaoshuuchuusuru: concentrate fire (on) <<< 砲火


pronunciation: shuudan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: mass, group, family, commonality
集団で: shuudande: in a group
集団発生: shuudanhassei: mass outbreak <<< 発生
集団中毒: shuudanchuudoku: mass food poisoning <<< 中毒
集団療法: shuudanryouhou: mass therapy <<< 療法
集団意識: shuudannishiki: group consciousness <<< 意識
集団心理: shuudanshinri: mass psychology <<< 心理
集団暴行: shuudanboukou: mob violence <<< 暴行
集団強盗: shuudangoutou: gang of burglars <<< 強盗
集団農場: shuudannnoujou: collective farm, kolkhoz <<< 農場
集団結婚: shuudankekkon: mass marriage <<< 結婚
頭脳集団: zunoushuudan: think tank [factory] <<< 頭脳
気功集団: kikoushuudan: Falun Gong <<< 気功


pronunciation: shuudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: religious training
修道院: shuudouin: monastery, cloister, convent <<<
修道院長: shuudouinchou: abbot, abbess <<< 院長
修道僧: shuudousou: monk, friar <<<
修道士: shuudoushi <<<
修道士の服: shuudoushinohuku: frock <<<
修道士の頭巾: shuudoushinozukin <<< 頭巾
修道尼: shuudouni: nun <<<
修道女: shuudoujo: sister <<<
修道生活: shuudouseikatsu: monastic life <<< 生活
check also: 修行


pronunciation: shuuen
kanji characters:
keyword: life
translation: death
終焉の地: shuuennnochi: place of a person's death <<<
終焉の際に: shuuennnokiwani: at death <<<
check also:


pronunciation: shuugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: congratulations, congratulatory gift
祝儀を遣る: shuugioyaru: tip [remember] (a waiter), give a gratuity (to) <<<
祝儀を述べる: shuugionoberu: offer one's congratulations, congratulate (a person on a matter) <<<


pronunciation: shuugou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , mathematics
translation: assembly, gathering, set, ensemble, rendezvous
集合する: shuugousuru: gather, assemble, put together
集合体: shuugoutai: aggregate, set <<<
集合論: shuugouron: set theory <<<
集合場所: shuugoubasho: meeting place <<< 場所
集合名詞: shuugoumeishi: collective noun <<< 名詞
check also: 集会


pronunciation: shuugyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: beginning [start] of work
就業する: shuugyousuru: go to work, begin [start] working
就業中: shuugyouchuu: be at work <<<
就業者: shuugyousha: worker <<<
就業率: shuugyouritsu: percentage of employment <<<
就業規則: shuugyoukisoku: office [shop] regulations <<< 規則
就業時間: shuugyoujikan: working [business] hours <<< 時間
就業人口: shuugyoujinkou: work force <<< 人口
就業ビザ: shuugyoubiza: work visa [permit] <<< ビザ
check also: 従業

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