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pronunciation: ryokucha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink
translation: green tea
check also: 紅茶


pronunciation: ryoudo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , politics , war
translation: territory, dominion, possession, land (of a country)
領土の: ryoudono: territorial
領土権: ryoudoken: territorial rights <<<
領土欲: ryoudoyoku: desire for more territories <<<
領土侵略: ryoudoshinryaku: invasion of a territory <<< 侵略
領土保全: ryoudohozen: territorial integrity
北方領土: hoppouryoudo: northern territory (of Japan), south Kuril <<< 北方
check also: 領海 , 領空


pronunciation: ryougae
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bank , travel
translation: exchange (of money)
両替する: ryougaesuru: change, exchange
両替屋: ryougaeya: exchange house, exchange broker [dealer] <<<
両替店: ryougaeten: exchange house <<<
両替所: ryougaesho <<<
両替商: ryougaeshou: exchange broker [dealer] <<<
両替料: ryougaeryou: exchange fee <<<
check also: 外貨


pronunciation: ryouhin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: excellent article


pronunciation: ryouhou
kanji characters: ,
translation: both (n.), both sides
両方の: ryouhouno: both (a.)
両方共: ryouhoutomo: all both <<<
check also: 両者


pronunciation: ryouhou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: therapy, medical treatment, remedy, cure
衝撃療法: shougekiryouhou: shock therapy <<< 衝撃
自宅療法: jitakuryouhou: home treatment <<< 自宅
民間療法: minkanryouhou: folk remedy [cure] <<< 民間
祈祷療法: kitouryouhou: faith healing <<< 祈祷
光線療法: kousenryouhou: phototherapy <<< 光線
物理療法: butsuriryouhou: physical therapy <<< 物理
鉱泉療法: kousenryouhou: balneotherapy <<< 鉱泉
指圧療法: shiatsuryouhou: finger-pressure therapy <<< 指圧
刺激療法: shigekiryouhou: stimulus therapy <<< 刺激
精神療法: seishinryouhou: mind cure, psychotherapy <<< 精神
海水療法: kaisuiryouhou: sea water therapy, thalassotherapy <<< 海水
作業療法: sagyouryouhou: occupational therapy, ergotherapy <<< 作業
心理療法: shinriryouhou: psychotherapy <<< 心理
赤外線療法: sekigaisenryouhou: infrared therapy <<< 赤外線
紫外線療法: shigaisenryouhou: sunray therapy, ultraviolet treatment <<< 紫外線
断食療法: danjikiryouhou: fast cure <<< 断食
温泉療法: onsenryouhou: hot-spring cure <<< 温泉
化学療法: kagakuryouhou: chemotherapy <<< 化学
信仰療法: shinkouryouhou: faith cure <<< 信仰
免疫療法: mennenkiryouhou: immunotherapy <<< 免疫
集団療法: shuudanryouhou: mass therapy <<< 集団
電撃療法: dengekiryouhou: electric shock therapy <<< 電撃
日光療法: nikkouryouhou: heliotherapy, sun-cure <<< 日光
ショック療法: shokkuryouhou: shock therapy <<< ショック
イオン療法: ionryouhou: ion therapy <<< イオン
レントゲン療法: rentogenryouhou: roentgenotherapy <<< レントゲン
コバルト療法: kobarutoryouhou: cobalt treatment <<< コバルト
check also: セラピー


pronunciation: ryouiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , science
translation: territory, field, sphere, realm, region, area, domain
専門領域: senmonryouiki: subject, field, specialty, speciality, professional discipline, specialist area <<< 専門


pronunciation: ryouji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: consulship, consul
領事の: ryoujino: consular
領事館: ryoujikan: consulate <<<
領事館員: ryoujikannin: staff of a consulate, consular officer <<<
総領事: souryouji: consul general <<<
総領事館: souryoujikan: consulate general <<<
副領事: hukuryouji: vice-consul <<<
check also: 大使 , 公使


pronunciation: ryoukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , sea
translation: territorial waters
check also: 領空 , 領土


pronunciation: ryoukai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 諒解
translation: understanding, agreement
了解する: ryoukaisuru: understand, agree
了解出来る: ryoukaidekiru: understandable, comprehensible <<< 出来
了解しうる: ryoukaishiuru
了解し難い: ryoukaishigatai: incomprehensible, beyond one's comprehension <<<
了解を得る: ryoukaioeru: obtain a person's consent <<<
了解を求める: ryoukaiomotomeru: ask for a person's consent <<<
了解事項: ryoukaijikou: items agreed upon <<< 事項
check also: 納得

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