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pronunciation: oomugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: barleycorn, barley


pronunciation: oosaka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Osaka
大阪府: oosakahu: Prefecture of Osaka <<<
大阪市: oosakashi: City of Osaka <<<
大阪城: oosakajou: Osaka Castle <<<
大阪湾: oosakawan: Osaka Bay <<<
大阪港: oosakakou: Osaka Harbor <<<
大阪駅: oosakaeki: Osaka Station <<<
新大阪駅: shinoosakaeki: New Osaka Station <<<
check also: Osaka


pronunciation: oote
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: stretched arms, major (company)
大手を広げて: oodeohirogete: with open arms <<<
大手を振って: oodeohutte: in triumph, triumphantly <<<
大手門: ootemon: main gate (of a castle) <<<
大手町: ootemachi: Otemachi (a district of Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) <<<
大手筋: ootesuji: leading speculators [traders, companies, enterprises] <<<
大手企業: ootekigyou: major company <<< 企業
最大手: saioote: flag company <<<


pronunciation: ootsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Otsu (capital of Shiga prefecture)
大津市: ootsushi: City of Otsu <<<
大津事件: ootsujiken: Otsu Incident (an assassination attempt of Russian prince, Nicholas II in 1891) <<< 事件
check also: 滋賀


pronunciation: ootsubu
kanji characters: ,
translation: large drop
大粒の雨: ootsubunoame: large drops of rain <<<


pronunciation: ooya , taika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty , art
translation: owner of a rented house, landlord, great master
書道の大家: shodounotaika: master calligrapher <<< 書道


pronunciation: ooyoso
kanji characters: ,
translation: about, nearly, in round number, around, quite, entirely, (not) at all
大凡の: ooyosono: rough, approximate
大凡の数: ooyosonokazu: approximate number <<<
大凡の所: ooyosonotokoro: taking it by and large, roughly speaking <<<
大凡の見積: ooyosonomitsumori: rough estimate <<< 見積


pronunciation: ooyuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: heavy snow [snowfall]
大雪が降る: ooyukigahuru: it snow hard [heavily] <<<


pronunciation: oozei
kanji characters: ,
translation: a large [great] number of people, masse of people, large crowd
大勢で: oozeide: in great numbers [force]
大勢の: oozeino: a large [great] number (of ), a host (of), many
大勢の家族: oozeinokazoku: large family <<< 家族
check also: 多数


pronunciation: oozora
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: (big) sky [skies], heavens, firmament, vault, welkin
大空に: oozorani: in the sky, overhead
check also: 天空

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