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pronunciation: nigatsu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 弐月, 2月
keyword: calendar
translation: February


pronunciation: nihon , nippon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Japan, Nippon
日本の: nihonnno, nipponnno: Japanese (a.)
日本人: nihonjin, nipponjin: Japanese (people) <<<
日本晴れ: nihonbare, nipponbare: glorious [ideal] weather <<<
日本刀: nihontou: Japanese sword <<<
日本酒: nihonshu: sake <<<
日本一: nihonnichi, nipponnichi: the best [largest, highest] in Japan <<<
日本海: nihonkai: the Sea of Japan, Japan Sea <<<
日本画: nihonga: Japanese painting <<<
日本製: nihonsei, nipponsei: made in Japan, of Japanese make <<<
日本学: nihongaku: Japanology <<<
日本風: nihonhuu: Japanese style <<<
日本海流: nihonkairyuu: the Japan current <<< 海流
日本国籍: nihonkokuseki: Japanese nationality <<< 国籍
日本人形: nihonnningyou: Japanese doll <<< 人形
日本料理: nihonryouri: Japanese cooking [dishes] <<< 料理 , 和食
ミス日本: misunihon: Miss Nippon <<< ミス
check also: 日本語 , Japan , Japanese_doll


pronunciation: nihongo
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: grammar , japan
translation: Japanese language, Japanese
日本語: denihongode: in Japanese
日本語話します: nihongohanashimasu: I [we] speak Japanese <<<
日本語話せます: nihongohanasemasu
日本語話しますか: nihongohanashimasuka: can [do] you speak Japanese?
日本語解りますか: nihongowakarimasuka: can you understand Japanese? <<<
check also: 日本 , 和文


pronunciation: nihuda
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: tag (n.), label
荷札を付ける: nihudaotsukeru: put on a tag, tag (v.), label <<<
check also: タグ , ラベル


pronunciation: niigata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Niigata
新潟県: niigataken: Prefecture of Niigata <<<
新潟市: niigatashi: City of Niigata <<<
check also: Niigata


pronunciation: niji
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 2次
keyword: number
translation: second
二次的: nijiteki: secondary <<<
二次会: nijikai: another party after a party <<<
二次試験: nijishiken: second [final] examination, reexamination, retesting <<< 試験
二次電池: nijidenchi: secondary battery <<< 電池
二次市場: nijishijou: second market <<< 市場
二次方程式: nijihouteishiki: quadratic equation <<< 方程式
二次冷却水: nijireikyakusui: secondary cooling water
二次冷却回路: nijireikyakukairo: secondary cooling circuit <<< 回路
check also: 二番


pronunciation: nijiiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: iridescence
虹色の: nijiirono: iridescent, prismatic


pronunciation: nijuu , hutae
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 2重
keyword: number
translation: doubleness, double (n.), dual
二重の: nijuuno: double (a.), dual, twofold, duplicate
二重に: nijuuni: doubly, twice, over again
二重にする: nijuunisuru: double (vt.), duplicate
二重に成る: nijuuninaru: double (vi.), duplicate <<<
二重に包む: nijuunitsutsumu: wrap (a thing) double <<<
二重顎: nijuuago: double chin <<<
二重底: nijuuzoko: double bottom <<<
二重窓: nijuumado: double window <<<
二重奏: nijuusou: duet <<<
二重生活: nijuuseikatsu: double life <<< 生活
二重結婚: nijuukekkon: bigamy <<< 結婚
二重国籍: nijuukokuseki: dual nationality <<< 国籍
二重人格: nijuujinkaku: dual personality <<< 人格
二重駐車: nijuuchuusha: double-parking <<< 駐車
二重スパイ: nijuusupai: double secret agent <<< スパイ
check also: ダブル


pronunciation: nijuuyon
kanji characters: , ,
other spells: 24
keyword: number
translation: twenty-four
二十四番: nijuuyonban: the twenty-fourth <<<
第二十四: dainijuuyon <<<
二十四時間: nijuuyojikan: twenty-four hours <<< 時間
二十四時間営業: nijuuyojikanneigyou: twenty-four-hour service <<< 営業
二十四時間スト: nijuuyojikansuto: twenty-four-hour strike <<< スト


pronunciation: nikai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 2回
keyword: time
translation: twice, two times
二回目: nikaime: the second time <<<
二回目に: nikaimeni: for the second time
二回戦: nikaisen: the second round, two rounds <<<
第二回: dainikai: the second <<<
月二回: tsukinikai: semimonthly, fortnightly <<<
年二回: nennnikai: semiannual, half-yearly, biannual <<<
一月に二回: hitotsukininikai: twice a month <<< 一月
毎月二回: maitsukinikai: twice a month <<< 毎月
毎週二回: maishuunikai: twice a week <<< 毎週
毎年二回: mainennnikai: twice a year <<< 毎年
check also: 一回

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