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pronunciation: mikata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: ally, supporter, friend
味方をする: mikataosuru: support, side [take side] with, be on a person's side, stand by, ally oneself with
味方に成る: mikataninaru <<<
味方にする: mikatanisuru: gain [win] (a person) over to one's side
味方に引き入れる: mikatanihikiireru
敵味方: tekimikata: friend and foe <<<
敵味方に分かれる: tekimikataniwakareru: be divided into friends and foes <<<
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pronunciation: mike
kanji characters: ,
keyword: pet
translation: tricolor [tricolored] animal
三毛猫: mikeneko: tortoiseshell cat, tricolor [tricolored] cat <<<


pronunciation: mikka
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 3日
keyword: calendar
translation: three days, the third day
三日毎に: mikkagotoni: every three days <<<
三日置きに: mikkaokini: every fourth day [four days] <<<
三日目に: mikkameni: on the third day <<<
三日坊主: mikkabouzu: sticker-at-nothing <<< 坊主
三日天下: mikkatenka: short-lived reign <<< 天下


pronunciation: mikkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , love
translation: secret (clandestine) meeting (appointment, date)
密会する: mikkaisuru: meet in secret, have a secret meeting with
密会所: mikkaisho: place a secret appointment (date) <<<


pronunciation: mikkoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: secret information, anonymous notice
密告する: mikkokusuru: inform secretly, blow the gaff, rat
密告者: mikkokusha: informer, whistle-blower <<<
check also: 告発


pronunciation: miko
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 神子
keyword: religion
translation: maiden in the service of shrine, necromancer, medium
check also: シャマン


pronunciation: mikomi
kanji characters: ,
translation: promise, hope, expectation, anticipation, estimate possibility, likelihood, chance
見込の有る: mikominoaru: promising, of fair promise, hopeful <<<
見込の無い: mikominonai: hopeless <<<
見込が当たる: mikomigaataru: One's expectation comes true <<<
見込が外れる: mikomigahazureru: One's expectation falls through <<<
見込を付ける: mikomiotsukeru: form an estimate [a judgment] <<<
見込違い: mikomichigai: miscalculation <<<
見込違いをする: mikomichigaiosuru: miscalculate
check also: 希望 , 期待


pronunciation: mikon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: single status, celibacy
未婚の: mikonnno: unmarried, single
未婚の母: mikonnnohaha: unmarried [single] mother <<<
未婚者: mikonsha: unmarried person, bachelor, spinster, old maid <<<
antonyms: 結婚


pronunciation: mikoshi
kanji characters: , 輿
keyword: religion
translation: miniature [portable] shrine
御神輿: omikoshi <<<
神輿を担ぐ: mikoshiokatsugu: carry about a miniature [portable] shrine, flatter <<<
神輿を据える: mikoshiosueru: settle oneself down, plant oneself <<<
神輿を上げる: mikoshioageru: rise from one's seat, get a move on <<<


pronunciation: mimai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: inquiry (after), expression of sympathy, visit, friendly call
見舞に行く: mimainiiku: make a call of inquiry, pay (a person) visit (of inquiry after his health), go and comfort (a sick person) <<<
見舞う: mimau
見舞を述べる: mimaionoberu: express one's sympathy (with a person for) <<<
見舞客: mimaikyaku: visitor, inquirer <<<
見舞人: mimainin <<<
見舞金: mimaikin: gift of money, solatium <<<
見舞状: mimaijou: letter of sympathy [inquiry] <<<
見舞品: mimaihin: gift of sympathy [inquiry] <<<
病気見舞: byoukimimai: visit to a sick person <<< 病気
病人を見舞う: byouninnomimau: pay the patient a visit <<< 病人
洪水に見舞われる: kouzuinimimawareru: suffer from a flood, be flooded <<< 洪水

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