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pronunciation: kodomo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: children, child
子供の日: kodomonohi: Children's Day <<<
子供らしい: kodomorashii: child-like, childish
子供っぽい: kodomoppoi
子供の無い: kodomononai: childless <<<
子供が無い: kodomoganai: have no child
子供好きの: kodomozukino: be fond of children <<<
子供の時に: kodomonotokini: in one's childhood [boyhood, girlhood] <<<
子供扱いにする: kodomoatsukainisuru: treat like a little child, baby <<<
子供騙し: kodomodamashi: mere child's play, bauble <<<
子供殺し: kodomogoroshi: child murder, infanticide <<<
子供を作る: kodomootsukuru: make a child <<<
子供達: kodomotachi: children <<<
子供部屋: kodomobeya: nursery, child's room <<< 部屋
犬の子供: inunokodomo: puppies <<<
純真な子供: junshinnnakodomo: innocent child <<< 純真
check also: 子女 , 大人


pronunciation: kodou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: pulse, pulsation, heartbeat, throbbing
鼓動する: kodousuru: pulsate, beat, throb
鼓動が止まる: kotogatomaru: stop to pulsate <<<
check also: 動悸


pronunciation: kogata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: small size, mini size, pocket size
小型の: kogatano: small, mini
小型化: kogataka: downsizing <<<
小型自動車: kogatajidousha: compact car, minicar <<< 自動車
小型飛行機: kogatahikouki: small plane
小型カメラ: kogatakamera: miniature camera <<< カメラ
小型トラック: kogatatorakku: pickup truck <<< トラック
小型ピストル: kogatapisutoru: pocket pistol <<< ピストル
check also: 大型 , コンパクト


pronunciation: kogitte
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: bank
translation: check, cheque
小切手を書く: kogitteokaku: draw [issue] a check <<<
小切手で払う: kogittedeharau: pay by check <<<
小切手帳: kogittechou: check book <<<
小切手取引: kogittetorihiki: check transactions <<< 取引
小切手振出: kogittehuridashi: check drawing <<< 振出
小切手振出人: kogittehuridashinin: drawer of a check <<<
旅行小切手: ryokoukogitte: traveler's check <<< 旅行
不渡小切手: huwatarikogitte: dishonored [bad] check <<< 不渡
送金小切手: soukinkogitte: remittance check <<< 送金
銀行小切手: ginkoukogitte: bank check <<< 銀行
check also: 切手 , 手形


pronunciation: kogo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: archaic [obsolete] word, old saying [proverb]


pronunciation: koguma
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 子熊
keyword: animal , astronomy
translation: little bear
小熊座: kogumaza: Ursa Minor, Little Bear <<<


pronunciation: kohaku
kanji characters:
keyword: accessory
translation: amber
琥珀色: kohakuiro: amber color <<<
琥珀色の: kohakuirono: amber-colored


pronunciation: kohitsuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: lamb
check also: ラム


pronunciation: koi
kanji characters: ,
translation: intention, intent, purpose, deliberation, premeditation
故意の: koino: intentional, willful, deliberate, premeditated
故意に: koini: intentionally, purposely, on purpose, deliberately, designedly, with premeditation
故意でない: koidenai: unintentional


pronunciation: koibito
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: sweetheart, lover, love, boy-friend
恋人同士: koibitodoushi: couple of lovers <<< 同士
check also: 愛人

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