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pronunciation: kishu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: nose of a plane
機首を上げる: kishuoageru: nose up <<<
機首を上にする: kishuouenisuru
機首を上に向ける: kishuouenimukeru
機首を下げる: kishuosageru: nose down <<<
機首を下にする: kishuoshitanisuru
機首を下に向ける: kishuoshitanimukeru
機首を東に向ける: kishuohigashinimukeru: head for the east, take an eastern course
機首を西に向ける: kishuonishinimukeru: head for the west, take a western course


pronunciation: kishuku
kanji characters: , 宿
keyword: school
translation: lodging, boarding
寄宿する: kishukusuru: lodge [room] (at a person's, at a room)
寄宿舎: kishukusha: dormitory <<<
寄宿舎に入る: kishukushanihairu: enter into a boarding (school) <<<
寄宿舎に入れる: kishukushaniireru: put a person into a boarding (school) <<<
寄宿人: kishukunin: lodger, boarder, roomer <<<
寄宿生: kishukusei: boarding student, hoarder <<<
寄宿料: kishukuryou: boarding wages <<<
寄宿学校: kishukugakkou: boarding school <<< 学校
check also: 通学


pronunciation: kishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: surprise attack
奇襲する: kishuusuru: make a surprise attack


pronunciation: kiso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , construction
translation: base, basis, foundation, groundwork, ground, bed, rudiments, elements, principles
基礎の: kisono: basic, fundamental (a.), elementary, rudimentary
基礎的: kisoteki <<<
を基礎にする: okisonisuru: be based [founded] on
に基礎を置く: nikisoooku <<<
基礎の無い: kisononai: groundless <<<
基礎を固める: kisookatameru: consolidate the foundation <<<
基礎を作る: kisootsukuru: lay the foundation <<<
基礎学科: kisogakka: primary subjects <<< 学科
基礎知識: kisochishiki: elementary knowledge, grounding <<< 知識
基礎医学: kisoigaku: basic medicine <<< 医学
基礎工事: kisochikouji: foundation work <<< 工事
基礎産業: kisosangyou: key industries <<< 産業
基礎控除: kisokoujo: basic deduction (from the taxable income) <<< 控除
check also: 基本


pronunciation: kiso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: prosecution, indictment, litigation
起訴する: kisosuru: prosecute [indict] (a person for a crime), charge (a person with a crime), bring an action [a suit] (against), go to law (with)
起訴中: kisochuu: under indictment (for) <<<
起訴状: kisojou: indictment, information <<<
起訴事実: kisojijitsu: indicted facts <<< 事実
起訴理由: kisoriyuu: charge <<< 理由
起訴猶予: kisoyuuyo: suspension of indictment
不起訴: hukiso: nonprosecution <<<
不起訴にする: hukisonisuru: drop a case
不起訴処分とする: hukisoshobuntosuru <<< 処分
check also: 訴訟


pronunciation: kisoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , grammar
translation: rule, regulation
規則に従う: kisokunishitagau: follow [conform to] the rule <<<
規則を守る: kisokuomamoru: observe the rule <<<
規則を立てる: kisokuotateru: establish [frame, make, state] a rule <<<
規則を破る: kisokuoyaburu: break [violate] the rule <<<
規則的: kisokuteki: systematic, orderly, punctual <<<
規則的に: kisokutekini: regularly, in a regular manner, systematically, methodically, punctually
規則通りに: kisokudoorini: according to the rule, by rule <<<
規則に反する: kisokunikisokunihansuru: illegal, transgressive <<<
規則書: kisokusho: prospectus, regulations <<<
規則違反: kisokuihan: infraction, malpractice <<< 違反
規則違反を犯す: kisokuihannookasu: commit an infraction [an infringement] <<<
規則動詞: kisokudoushi: regular verb <<< 動詞
不規則: hukisoku: irregularity <<<
不規則な: hukisokuna: irregular, unsystematic, abnormal, anomalous
不規則動詞: hukisokudoushi: irregular verb [conjugation] <<< 動詞
業務規則: gyoumukisoku: rules of operation [procedure] <<< 業務
交通規則: koutsuukisoku: traffic regulations [rules] <<< 交通
就業規則: shuugyoukisoku: office [shop] regulations <<< 就業
取締規則: torishimarikisoku: regulations, rules <<< 取締
check also: 規定 , ルール


pronunciation: kison
kanji characters: ,
translation: pre-existence
既存の: kisonnno: preexisting
check also: 存在


pronunciation: kissa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink
translation: tea drinking
喫茶店: kissaten: cafe, tearoom, coffee shop, coffee house <<< , カフェ
喫茶室: kissashitsu <<<


pronunciation: kissui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: draught, draft
喫水の浅い: kissuinoasai: of light draught <<<
喫水の深い: kissuinohukai: of deep draught <<<
喫水線: kissuisen: water line <<<


pronunciation: kisuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: number
translation: odd [uneven] number
奇数の: kisuuno: odd-numbered, odd
奇数日: kisuubi: odd-numbered day <<<
奇数月: kisuuZuki: odd-numbered month <<<
check also: 偶数

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