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pronunciation: kihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: standard, norm, criterion
規範文法: kihanbunpou: prescriptive grammar <<< 文法
check also: 規格 , スタンダード


pronunciation: kihatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: volatilization
揮発する: kihatsusuru: volatize
揮発性: kihatsusei: volatility <<<
揮発性の: kihatsuseino: volatile
揮発油: kihatsuyu: volatile oil, benzine <<< , ベンジン
揮発物: kihatsubutsu: volatile matter <<<


pronunciation: kihei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: cavalryman, horseman
騎兵隊: kiheitai: cavalry <<<
騎兵学校: kiheigakkou: cavalry school <<< 学校


pronunciation: kihin
kanji characters: ,
translation: dignity, nobility, grace, distinction
気品有る: kihinnaru: dignified, noble, graceful, distinguish <<<
気品が有る: kihingaaru: be graceful [distinguish]
check also: 上品


pronunciation: kihon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , education
translation: basis, fundamental (n.), standard, rudiment, element, principle
基本的: kihonteki: basic, fundamental (a.) <<<
基本的に: kihontekini: basically, fundamentally, in principle
基本金: kihonkin: fund, endowment <<<
基本給: kihonkyuu: basic pay [wage] <<<
基本型: kihongata: basic pattern [model] <<<
基本法: kihonhou: basic law <<<
基本ルール: kihonruuru: basic rule <<< ルール
基本方針: kihonhoushin: basic policy <<< 方針
基本産業: kihonsangyou: basic industries <<< 産業
基本単位: kihontanni: fundamental unit <<< 単位
基本料金: kihonryoukin: basic charge <<< 料金
基本計画: kihonkeikaku: master plan <<< 計画
基本原理: kihongenri: fundamental principle <<< 原理
基本条件: kihonjouken: basic conditions <<< 条件
基本語彙: kihongoi: basic vocabulary <<< 語彙
check also: 基礎


pronunciation: kihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: contribution, subscription, donation
寄付する: kihusuru: contribute, make a contribution [donation], subscribe, donate
寄付を募る: kihuotsunoru: collect [raise] contributions <<<
寄付を集める: kihuoatsumeru <<<
寄付金: kihukin: contribution, subscription, donation <<<
寄付金募集: kihukinboshuu: collection of contributions <<< 募集
寄付者: kihusha: contributor, donator <<<
寄付者名簿: kifishameibo: list of contributors
check also: 提供


pronunciation: kii
kanji characters: ,
translation: strangeness, oddness, curiosity
奇異な: kiina: strange, odd, curious
奇異に感じる: kiinikanjiru: feel strange <<<
check also: 不思議 , 奇妙 , 異様


pronunciation: kiichigo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fruit
translation: raspberry
木苺の木: kiichigonoki: raspberry bush <<<
木苺酒: kiichigoshu: raspberry liqueur <<<
木苺のジャム: kiichigonojamu: raspberry jam <<< ジャム


pronunciation: kiiro , oushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: yellow (color)
黄色の: kiirono: yellow (a.)
黄色がかった: kiirogakatta: yellowish
黄色っぽい: kiiroppoi
黄色くする: kiirokusuru: yellow (vt.)
黄色く成る: kiirokunaru: yellow (vi.) <<<
黄色い声で: kiiroikoede: shrilly <<<
黄色人: oushokujin: yellow (people) <<<
黄色人種: oushokujinshu: yellow race <<< 人種
嘴の黄色い: kuchibashinokiiroi: inexperienced, unexperienced, verdant, callow, too young <<< , 未熟
嘴の黄色い奴: kuchibashinokiiroiyatsu: greenhorn, stripling <<<
check also: イエロー


pronunciation: kiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: news report, article
記事に載せる: kijininoseru: give an account <<<
記事文: kijibun: abridged report <<<
記事体: kijitai: report style <<<
暴露記事: bakurokiji: telltale story <<< 暴露
死亡記事: shiboukiji: obituary (notice) <<< 死亡
雑誌記事: zasshikiji: magazine article <<< 雑誌
新聞記事: shinpunkiji: report, article <<< 新聞
地方記事: chihoukiji: local news <<< 地方
訪問記事: houmonkiji: interview <<< 訪問
トップ記事: toppukiji: lead story <<< トップ

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