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pronunciation: kiatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , science
translation: (atmospheric) pressure
気圧が上がる: kiatsugaagaru: The atmospheric pressure rises <<<
気圧が下がる: kiatsugasagaru: The atmospheric pressure falls <<<
気圧の谷: kiatsunotani: trough (of atmospheric pressure) <<<
気圧計: kiatsukei: barometer <<<
気圧配置: kiatsuhaichi: distribution of atmospheric pressure <<< 配置
気圧変化: kiatsuhenka: change of atmospheric pressure <<< 変化
高気圧: koukiatsu: anticyclone <<<
低気圧: teikiatsu: depression <<<
check also: 圧力


pronunciation: kiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: horse riding
騎馬の: kibano: equestrian
騎馬で: kibade: on horseback
騎馬で行く: kibadeiku: go on horseback <<<
騎馬戦: kibasen: cavalry battle <<<
騎馬巡査: kibajunsa: mounted policeman, mounted police <<< 巡査
騎馬警官: kibakeikan <<< 警官
騎馬民族: kibaminzoku: mounted nomads <<< 民族
騎馬行列: kibagyouretsu: cavalcade <<< 行列
check also: 乗馬


pronunciation: kiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: timber [lumber] yard


pronunciation: kiban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer
translation: motherboard
check also: 基盤


pronunciation: kiban
kanji characters: ,
translation: basis, base, foundation
基盤に成る: kibannninaru: form the basis of <<<
基盤とする: kibantosuru: be based [founded] on
check also: 基板


pronunciation: kibarashi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気晴らし
keyword: amusement
translation: diversion, recreation
気晴に: kibarashini: as a pastime, for diversion [recreation]
気晴に成る: kibarashininaru: serve as diversion <<<
気晴する: kibarashisuru: divert [relax] oneself, recreate oneself
check also: 遊戯 , 休養 , レジャー


pronunciation: kibatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: eccentricity, originality, oddness, oddity
奇抜な: kibatsuna: eccentric, original, odd
synonyms: 奇妙 , 不思議


pronunciation: kibin
kanji characters: ,
translation: smartness, promptitude, agility, shrewdness
機敏な: kibinnna: quick, smart, prompt, sharp, shrewd, quick-witted
機敏に: kibinnni: quickly, promptly, sharply
人情の機敏: ninjounokibin: secrets of human nature <<< 人情
check also:


pronunciation: kibou
kanji characters: ,
translation: wish (n.), hope, desire, aspiration, expectation, prospect, request, demand
希望する: kibousuru: wish (v.), hope, desire, aspire, expect, request
希望により: kibouniyori: according to one's wishes
希望通り: kiboudoori: as one wishes <<<
希望に反して: kibounihanshite: against [contrary to] one's wishes <<<
希望に生きる: kibouniikiru: live in hope <<<
希望に満ちる: kibounimichiru: hopeful, full of hope <<<
希望の無い: kibounonai: hopeless <<< , 絶望
希望に添う: kibounisou: meet a person's wishes <<<
希望を満たす: kibouomitasu <<<
希望を失う: kibououshinau: be driven to despair, abandon oneself to despair, yield to despair, lose hope <<<
希望を持つ: kibouomotsu: cherish [fuel] hopes, hold out hope <<<
希望者: kibousha: person who wishes, applicant, candidate <<<
希望条件: kiboujouken: terms desired <<< 条件
希望退職: kiboutaishoku: voluntary retirement <<< 退職
希望的観測: kiboutekikansoku: one's wishful thinking
check also: 願望 , 期待


pronunciation: kibun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: feeling, frame of mind, humor, atmosphere
気分が良い: kibungaii, kibungayoi: feel well <<<
気分が良く成る: kibungayokunaru: feel better
気分が悪い: kibungawarui: feel ill [out of sorts] <<<
気分を出す: kibunnodasu: create an atmosphere (of) <<<
気分を害する: kibunnogaisuru: upset oneself <<<
気分屋: kibunnya: man of whims <<<
享楽気分: kyourakukibun: gay feeling, gay atmosphere, holiday mood <<< 享楽
check also: 気持

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