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pronunciation: kenmon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: check (n.), inspection
検問する: kenmonsuru: check (v.), inspect
検問所: kenmonsho: checkpoint <<<
check also: 検査


pronunciation: kennetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , book
translation: inspection, examination, censorship
検閲する: kennetsusuru: inspect, examine, censor
検閲官: kennetsukan: inspector, examiner, censor <<<
検閲済: kennetsuzumi: passed inspection, censored <<<
検閲をパスする: kennetsuopasusuru: pass censorship <<< パス


pronunciation: kenni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: authority, power, dignity, prestige
権威有る: kenniaru: authoritative, authentic <<<
権威筋: kennisuji: authoritative source <<<
権威主義: kennishugi: authoritarianism <<< 主義
check also: 威信


pronunciation: kennyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: multipurpose (thing)
兼用の: kennyouno: multipurpose
兼用する: kennyousuru: use (a thing) both as A and B
兼用に成る: kennyouninaru: serve both as [for] A and B <<<


pronunciation: kenpei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: military police-man, MP, shore patrol-man, SP
憲兵隊: kenpeitai: military police, shore patrol <<<


pronunciation: kenpou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , law
translation: constitution
憲法の: kenpouno: constitutional
憲法上の: kenpoujouno <<<
憲法違反: kenpouihan: violation of the constitution <<< 違反
憲法違反の: kenpouihannno: unconstitutional
憲法制度: kenpouseido: constitutional system <<< 制度
憲法学者: kenpougakusha: constitutionalist <<< 学者
憲法改正: kenpoukaisei: revision of the constitution <<< 改正
憲法記念日: kenpoukinenbi: Constitution Memorial Day


pronunciation: kenri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , finance
translation: right, claim, privilege
権利が有る: kenrigaaru: privileged, deserved <<<
権利を与える: kenrioataeru: entitle, enable <<<
権利を譲る: kenrioyuzuru: transfer [hand over] the right <<<
権利を譲渡する: kenriojoutosuru <<< 譲渡
権利を放棄する: kenriohoukisuru: renounce one's rights, release one's right <<< 放棄
権利放棄: kenrihouki: a release
権利を得る: kenrioeru: get a right <<<
権利を取得する: kenrioshutokusuru <<< 取得
権利を行使する: kenriokoushisuru: exercise one's rights <<< 行使
権利者: kenrisha: holder of a right, entitled person <<<
権利株: kenrikabu: potential shares <<<
権利金: kenrikin: key money <<<
権利書: kenrisho: certificate of title, title deed <<<
権利証書: kenrishousho <<< 証書
権利義務: kenrigimu: right and obligation <<< 義務
当然の権利: touzennnokenri: undoubted right <<< 当然


pronunciation: kenryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: (political) power, influence, authority
権力の有る: kenryokunoaru: powerful <<<
権力の無い: kenryokunonai: powerless <<<
権力に屈する: kenryokunikussuru: succumb to authority <<<
権力を揮う: kenryokuohuruu: exercise one's authority <<<
権力を握る: kenryokuonigiru: assume authority, come into power <<<
権力争い: kenryokuarasoi: power struggle <<<
権力者: kenryokusha: powerful man, influential person <<<
権力欲: kenryokuyoku: lust for power <<<
国家権力: kokkakenryoku: state (governmental) authority <<< 国家


pronunciation: kensa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: check (n.), control (n.), examination, inspection
検査する: kensasuru: check (v.), control (v.), examine, inspect
検査を受ける: kensaoukeru: submit to inspection, be inspected <<<
検査官: kensakan: inspector, examiner, auditor <<<
検査所: kensajo: inspection office <<<
検査役: kensayaku: ringside judge (in Sumo) <<<
検査済: kensazumi: (already) examined <<<
血液検査: ketsuekikensa: blood test <<< 血液
精密検査: seimitsukensa: close examination <<< 精密
知能検査: chinoukensa: intelligence test, IQ test <<< 知能
飲酒検査: inshukensa: breathalyzer test, breath test <<< 飲酒
適性検査: tekiseikensa: aptitude test <<< 適性
帳簿を検査する: choubookensasuru: examine accounts <<< 帳簿
妊娠検査: ninshinkensa: pregnant test <<< 妊娠
機能検査: kinoukensa: efficacy [functional] check <<< 機能
服装検査: hukusoukensa: dress inspection <<< 服装
性能検査: seinoukensa: efficiency [performance] test <<< 性能
身体検査: shintaikensa: medical checkup, physical examination, searching <<< 身体
透視検査: toushikensa: fluoroscopy <<< 透視
会計検査: kaikeikensa: financial audit <<< 会計
徴兵検査: chouheikensa: (army) physical examination <<< 徴兵
抽出検査: chuushutsukensa: spot-check <<< 抽出
顕微鏡検査: kenbikyoukensa: microscopic examination <<< 顕微鏡
視力検査: shiryokukensa: test of eyesight <<< 視力
定期検査: teikikensa: periodical inspection <<< 定期
税関検査: zeikankensa: customs check [control, examination, inspection] <<< 税関
エイズ検査: eizukensa: aids test <<< エイズ
レントゲン検査: rentogenkensa: X-ray examination <<< レントゲン
ドーピング検査: doopingukensa: dope check <<< ドーピング
check also: チェック


pronunciation: kensaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer
translation: search (n.), retrieval
検索する: kensakusuru: search (v.), retrieve
検索エンジン: kensakuenjin: search engine <<< エンジン
検索機能: kensakukinou: search function <<< 機能
検索結果: kensakukekka: search result <<< 結果
check also: サーチ , 詮索

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