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pronunciation: keiyu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: light oil, gas oil, white spirit, kerosene
check also: ガソリン , ディーゼル


pronunciation: keizai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: economy, finance, saving, thrift
経済の: keizaino: economic, economical
経済的: keizaiteki <<<
経済家: keizaika: frugal [thrifty] person, man of economy, economizer <<<
経済界: keizaikai: economic world, financial circle <<<
経済力: keizairyoku: economic power <<<
経済欄: keizairan: financial column <<<
経済学: keizaigaku: economy (study) <<<
経済学者: keizaigakusha: economist <<< 学者
経済援助: keizaienjo: economic assistance <<< 援助
経済計画: keizaikeikaku: economic plan <<< 計画
経済危機: keizaikiki: economic crisis <<< 危機
経済封鎖: keizaihuusa: economic blockade
経済成長: keizaiseichou: economic growth <<< 成長
経済犯罪: keizaihanzai: economic offense <<< 犯罪
経済産業省: keizaisangyoushou: Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry
総合経済: sougoukeizai: macroeconomy, overall economy <<< 総合
自立経済: jiritsukeizai: self-supporting economy <<< 自立
計画経済: keikakukeizai: planned economy <<< 計画
貨幣経済: kaheikeizai: monetary [money] economy <<< 貨幣
消費経済: shouhikeizai: consumption economy <<< 消費
市場経済: shijoukeizai: market economy <<< 市場
ブロック経済: burokkukeizai: block economy <<< ブロック
バブル経済: baburukeizai: financial bubble <<< バブル
check also: 金融 , エコノミー


pronunciation: keizoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: continuation, duration
継続する: keizokusuru: continue, go on, proceed, last
継続的: keizokuteki: continuous <<<
継続性: keizokusei: continuity <<<
継続期間: keizokukikan: continuance, period of duration <<< 期間
継続事業: keizokujigyou: continued project <<< 事業


pronunciation: keizu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , history
translation: stem, family tree, genealogy
祖先の系図: sosennnokeizu: genealogy, ancestor chart, family tree, pedigree <<< 祖先
check also: 血統 , 家系


pronunciation: kekka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: result (n.), effect, consequence, conclusion
結果が良い: kekkagaii: be successful <<<
結果が悪い: kekkagawarui: be unsuccessful <<<
結果を生じる: kekkaoshoujiru: result (end) in <<<
原因結果: genninkekka: cause and result, causality <<< 原因
検索結果: kensakukekka: search result <<< 検索
意外な結果: igainakekka: unexpected result <<< 意外
当然の結果: touzennnokekka: natural result <<< 当然


pronunciation: kekkaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: tuberculosis
結核の: kekkakuno: tubercular, tuberculous
結核性: kekkakusei <<<
結核菌: kekkakukin: tuberculous germs, tubercle bacillus <<<
結核患者: kekkakukanja: tuberculosis patient <<< 患者
結核予防: kekkakuyobou: tuberculosis prevention <<< 予防
肺結核: haikekkaku: pulmonary tuberculosis <<<


pronunciation: kekkan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: defect, fault, flaw, bug, deficiency, shortcoming, vice
欠陥が有る: kekkangaaru: defective, faulty <<<
欠陥が無い: kekkanganai: faultless <<<
欠陥車: kekkansha: defective car <<<
check also: 欠点


pronunciation: kekkan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body , biology
translation: blood vessel
血管の: kekkannno: vascular
血管系: kekkankei: vascular system <<<
血管系統: kekkankeitou <<< 系統
血管腫: kekkanshu: vascular tumor <<<
血管破裂: kekkanharetsu: blood vessel burst <<< 破裂
血管造影: kekkanzouei: angiography, arteriography


pronunciation: kekki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: physical vigor, youthful ardor
血気盛んの: kekkisakannno: hot-blooded, sanguine, lusty <<<
血気盛りだ: kekkisakarida: be in the prime of life, be full of youthful ardor
血気に逸る: kekkinihayaru: be driven by youthful ardor, act with impetuosity <<<


pronunciation: kekkin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: absence (from one's duties), nonattendance
欠勤する: kekkinsuru: be absent (from duties, from school), absent oneself (from office)
欠勤者: kekkinsha: absentee <<<
欠勤率: kekkinritsu: absent rate <<<
欠勤届: kekkintodoke: report of absence <<<
欠勤届を出す: kekkintodokeodasu: tender a report of absence <<<
長期欠勤: choukikekkin: chronic absence from work <<< 長期
check also: 欠席 , 出勤

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