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pronunciation: keishoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: light meal, snack
check also: スナック


pronunciation: keishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , life
translation: succession, inheritance, accession
継承する: keishousuru: succeed, inherit, take over
継承者: keishousha: heir, successor, inheritor <<<


pronunciation: keiso
kanji characters:
keyword: chemistry
translation: silicon
check also: シリコン


pronunciation: keitai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication , war
translation: hand-held (n.), carry (n.), transport
携帯の: keitaino: portable, mobile, handheld (a.)
携帯用: keitaiyou <<<
携帯する: keitaisuru: carry (v.), pack (v.)
携帯食: keitaishoku: field ration <<<
携帯品: keitaihin: one's things, carried object <<<
携帯電話: keitaidenwa: cellular phone, mobile phone <<< 電話
携帯ラジオ: keitairajio: portable radio <<< ラジオ
携帯テレビ: keitaiterebi: portable television <<< テレビ
携帯ミサイル: keitaimisairu: portable missile <<< ミサイル
携帯メール: keitaimeeru: email by mobile phone <<< メール
プリペイド携帯: puripeidokeitai: prepaid mobile phone <<< プリペイド
アンドロイド携帯: andoroidokeitai: android phone <<< アンドロイド
check also: モバイル


pronunciation: keiteki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: alarm, whistle, foghorn, horn
警笛を鳴らす: keitekionarasu: whistle a warning, blow [sound] a siren <<<
警笛禁止: keitekikinshi: horn prohibited <<< 禁止
check also: 警報 , サイレン


pronunciation: keito
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: woolen yarn, knitting wool
毛糸の: keitono: woolen, worsted
毛糸で編む: keitodeamu: knit with wool <<<
毛糸製品: keitoseihin: woolen goods <<< 製品
アンゴラ毛糸: angorakeito: angora wool <<< アンゴラ
check also: 羊毛


pronunciation: keitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , history , family
translation: system, organism, family tree, genealogy, lineage, party, group
系統的: keitouteki: systematic, organic, methodic <<<
系統を引く: keitouohiku: be descended from, be inherited <<<
系統を立てる: keitouotateru: systemize <<<
系統を辿る: keitouotadoru: go back to the source <<< 辿
系統発生: keitouhassei: phylogeny <<< 発生
指揮系統: shikikeitou: chain of command <<< 指揮
伝染系統: densenkeitou: trace of an epidemic <<< 伝染
血管系統: kekkankeitou: vascular system <<< 血管
運転系統: untenkeitou: bus [train] routes <<< 運転
check also: 系図 , 血統


pronunciation: keitou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ケイトウ
keyword: flower
translation: cockscomb, coxcomb
葉鶏頭: hageitou: amaranth <<<


pronunciation: keiyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , law
translation: contract (n.), agreement, deal
契約する: keiyakusuru: contract (v.), sign, conclude a contract
契約を結ぶ: keiyakuomusubu <<<
契約を守る: keiyakuomamoru: abide by a contract <<<
契約を解く: keiyakuotoku: dissolve a contract <<<
契約を破る: keiyakuoyaburu: break a contract <<<
契約書: keiyakusho: bond, contract (n.) <<<
契約金: keiyakukin: contract money <<<
契約者: keiyakusha: contractor <<<
契約期間: keiyakukikan: period of contract <<< 期間
契約違反: keiyakuihan: breach of contract <<< 違反
契約社員: keiyakushain: contracted employee <<< 社員
契約移民: keiyakuimin: contract immigrants <<< 移民
仮契約: karikeiyaku: provisional agreement <<<
本契約: honkeiyaku: definitive agreement <<<
保険契約: hokenkeiyaku: contract of insurance <<< 保険
相続契約: souzokukeiyaku: contract of inheritance <<< 相続
賃貸契約: chintaikeiyaku: lease [hiring] contract [agreement] <<< 賃貸
無償契約: mushoukeiyaku: naked [gratuitous] contract <<< 無償
出演契約: shutsuenkeiyaku: booking <<< 出演
保証契約: hoshoukeiyaku: contract of suretyship <<< 保証
雇用契約: koyoukeiyaku: contract of engagement [employment] <<< 雇用
一括契約: ikkatsukeiyaku: blanket contract <<< 一括
企業契約: kigyoukeiyaku: affiliation, intercompany agreement <<< 企業
売買契約: baibaikeiyaku: bargain, sales contract <<< 売買
組合契約: kumiaikeiyaku: contract of partnership <<< 組合
先物契約: sakimonokeiyaku: futures contract <<< 先物


pronunciation: keiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: metaphor, figure of speech, modification, description
形容する: keiyousuru: express figuratively, describe, modify, qualify
形容語: keiyougo: epithet, attribute <<<
形容詞: keiyoushi: adjective <<<
形容詞的: keiyoushiteki: adjectival <<<

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