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pronunciation: kahun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: flower , biology
translation: pollen (n.), farina
花粉の: kahunnno: pollen (a.)
花粉管: kahunkan: pollen tube <<<
花粉症: kahunshou: pollen allergy, pollinosis <<<
花粉アレルギー: kahunnarerugii <<< アレルギー


pronunciation: kai
kanji characters:
keyword: japanese history
translation: effect, payoff, worth, Kai (old name of Yamanashi prefecture)
甲斐の有る: kainoaru: rewarding, worthwhile, profitable, paying, useful, beneficial <<<
甲斐が有る: kaigaaru: be worth while (to do), be worth (doing), be rewarded
甲斐の無い: kainonai: futile, vain, useless, worthless, ineffective, inefficacious <<<
甲斐が無い: kaiganai: be out of use [avail], be in vain, come to nothing
甲斐国: kainokuni: Kai (old name of Yamanashi prefecture) <<<
甲斐甲斐しい: kaigaishii: gallant, faithful
甲斐甲斐しい出立ち: kaigaishiiidetachi: fully equipped
甲斐甲斐しく: kaigaishiku: gallantly, faithfully, diligently, actively, busily
甲斐甲斐しく働く: kaigaishikuhataraku: work diligently
生甲斐: ikigai: joy of living <<<
生甲斐有る: ikigaiaru: worth living <<<
生甲斐有る生活: ikigaiaruseikatsu: life worth living, substantive life <<<
友達甲斐: tomodachigai: true friendship <<< 友達
check also: 効果 , 山梨


pronunciation: kaibatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: height above the sea, altitude


pronunciation: kaibou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: anatomy, dissection, autopsy
解剖の: kaibouno: anatomical
解剖する: kaibousuru: anatomize, dissect
解剖医: kaiboui: anatomist <<<
解剖室: kaiboushitsu: dissecting room <<<
解剖台: kaiboudai: dissecting table <<<
解剖刀: kaiboutou: dissecting knife <<<
解剖学: kaibougaku: anatomy (study) <<<
解剖図: kaibouzu: anatomical chart <<<
死体解剖: shitaikaibou: autopsy, post-mortem dissection <<< 死体
死体解剖する: shitaikaibousuru: carry out an autopsy <<< 死体


pronunciation: kaibutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: monster (n.), chimera
怪物の様な: kaibutsunoyouna: monstrous, monster (a.), chimerical <<<
check also: 怪獣


pronunciation: kaichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: president, chairman
会長に成る: kaichouninaru: become chairman [president] <<<
会長に選ばれる: kaichounierabareru: be elected chairman [president] <<<
会長職: kaichoushoku: presidency, chairmanship <<<
副会長: hukukaichou: vice-president <<<
check also: 社長 , 議長


pronunciation: kaichuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: pocket, bosom
懐中する: kaichuusuru: have [carry] (a thing) in one's pocket
懐中鏡: kaichuukagami: pocket glass <<<
懐中電灯: kaichuudentou: flashlight, electric torch <<< 電灯
懐中時計: kaichuudokei: pocket watch <<< 時計
懐中日記: kaichuunikki: pocket diary <<< 日記
check also: ポケット


pronunciation: kaidan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: conference, dialogue, conversation, talk, interview
会談する: kaidansuru: talk together, have a talk, an interview
首脳会談: shunoukaidan: summit (conference) <<< 首脳
休戦会談: kyuusenkaidan: ceasefire conference <<< 休戦
予備会談: yobikaidan: preliminary conference [assembly] <<< 予備
ポツダム会談: potsudamukaidan: Potsdam Conference <<< ポツダム
テヘラン会談: teherankaidan: Tehran Conference (1943) <<< テヘラン
トップ会談: toppukaidan: summit conference [meeting] <<< トップ


pronunciation: kaidan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , construction
translation: stairs, staircase, stairway
階段を上る: kaidannonoboru: go up the stairs <<<
階段を昇る: kaidannonoboru <<<
階段を下る: kaidannooriru: go down the stairs <<<
階段を降る: kaidannooriru <<<
階段状: kaidanjou: stepwise <<<
階段教室: kaidankyoushitsu: lecture theater <<< 教室
階段座席: kaidanzaseki: series of seats [steps], terrace <<< 座席
急な階段: kyuunakaidan: gentle steps [stairs] <<<
緩い階段: yuruikaidan: abrupt [steep] steps [stairs] <<<
裏階段: urakaidan: backstairs <<<
螺旋階段: rasenkaidan: spiral stairs <<< 螺旋
非常階段: hijoukaidan: fire escape <<< 非常
check also: 段階 , 段々


pronunciation: kaidoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , history
translation: decoding, deciphering
解読する: kaidokusuru: decode, decipher
解読器: kaidokuki: decoder (machine) <<<
解読者: kaidokusha: decipherer (person) <<<
暗号を解読する: angouokaidokusuru: decipher, decode <<< 暗号

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