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pronunciation: kantai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , nature
translation: frigid zone
寒帯植物: kantaishokubutsu: polar plant <<< 植物
寒帯動物: kantaidoubutsu: polar animal <<< 動物
check also: 熱帯


pronunciation: kantai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: fleet (of war ships), squadron
無敵艦隊: mutekikantai: Invincible Armada <<< 無敵
連合艦隊: rengoukantai: combined fleet <<< 連合
黒海艦隊: kokkaikantai: Black Sea Fleet <<< 黒海
主力艦隊: shuryokukantai: main fleet <<< 主力
太平洋艦隊: taiheiyoukantai: Pacific fleet <<< 太平洋
check also: 船隊


pronunciation: kantan
kanji characters: ,
translation: easiness, lightness, simplicity
簡単な: kantannna: easy, light, simple
簡単な食事: kantannnashokuji: light meal, snack <<< 食事
簡単に: kantannni: easily, simply
簡単にする: kantannnisuru: simplify, abbreviate
簡単に言えば: kantannniieba: briefly speaking, in short, in a word, in a nutshell <<<
check also: 簡素 , シンプル


pronunciation: kantei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: official residence
首相官邸: shushoukantei: official residence of prime minister <<< 首相
大統領官邸: daitouryoukantei: presidential palace, White House (in US) <<< 大統領


pronunciation: kantei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , ship
translation: naval vessels
check also: 軍艦


pronunciation: kantei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: appraisal, estimation, legal consultation, expert opinion
鑑定する: kanteisuru: appraise, estimate, give an expert opinion
鑑定人: kanteinin: appraiser, connoisseur <<<
鑑定家: kanteika <<<
鑑定料: kanteiryou: fee for expert opinion [legal advice] <<<
鑑定書: kanteisho: written opinion <<<
鑑定価格: kanteikakaku: appraised value <<< 価格
精神鑑定: seishinkantei: psychiatric test [examination] <<< 精神
check also: 鑑識


pronunciation: kanten
kanji characters: ,
translation: viewpoint
check also: 立場


pronunciation: kanten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: confectionery , weather
translation: Japanese [Bengal] isinglass, Japanese gelatin, agar-agar, cold weather (agar-agar was made in a cold weather)


pronunciation: kantetsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: accomplishment, achievement
貫徹する: kantetsusuru: carry through [out], accomplish, achieve
check also: 達成 , 遂行


pronunciation: kantoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , movie
translation: supervision, direction, management, superintendence, custody, supervisor, director, bishop, manager, superintendent
監督する: kantokusuru: supervise, direct, manage, superintend
監督官庁: kantokukanchou: competent authorities <<< 官庁
監督教会: kantokukyoukai: episcopal church <<< 教会
監督機関: kantokukikan: supervisory body <<< 機関
土木監督: dobokukantoku: foreman, chief worker, master workman, work master <<< 土木
工事監督: koujikantoku: foreman <<< 工事
撮影監督: satsueikantoku: movie director <<< 撮影
舞台監督: butaikantoku: stage director <<< 舞台
映画監督: eigakantoku: (movie) director <<< 映画
現場監督: genbakantoku: field overseer <<< 現場
check also: 演出

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