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pronunciation: kanyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: joining, entry, subscription
加入する: kanyuusuru: enter, join, become a member of, subscribe
加入金: kanyuukin: entrance [membership] fee <<<
加入者: kanyuusha: member, subscriber <<<
加入申込: kanyuumoushikomi: application for admission, subscription <<< 申込
組合に加入する: kumiainikanyuusuru: join an association <<< 組合
check also: 加盟 , 入会


pronunciation: kanzei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , economy
translation: customs duty, customs, tariff
関税の掛かる: kanzeinokakaru: dutiable, customable <<<
関税の掛からない: kanzeinokakaranai: duty-free, tax-free
関税を課する: kanzeiokasuru: levy [impose] a duty <<<
関税率: kanzeiritsu: tariff rate, customs tariff <<<
関税局: kanzeikyoku: customs bureau <<<
関税吏: kanzeiri: customs officer <<<
関税壁: kanzeiheki: tariff wall [barrier] <<<
関税障壁: kanzeishouheki
関税申告: kanzeishinkoku: customs declaration <<< 申告
関税改正: kanzeikaisei: customs reform <<< 改正
関税協定: kanzeikyoutei: tariff agreement, customs convention <<< 協定
関税同盟: kanzeidoumei: customs union <<< 同盟
差別関税: sabetsukanzei: discriminating tariff <<< 差別
通過関税: tsuukakanzei: transit duty <<< 通過
保護関税: hogokanzei: protective duty <<< 保護
check also: 税関 , タックス


pronunciation: kanzen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , sport
translation: completeness, perfection, entirety, integrity
完全な: kanzennna: complete (a.), perfect (a.), entire, integral
完全に: kanzennni: perfectly, thoroughly
完全にする: kanzennnisuru: complete (v.), perfect (v.)
完全に成る: kanzennninaru: become perfect [complete] <<<
完全無欠: kanzenmuketsu: impecable, integral, flawless
完全雇用: kanzenkoyou: full employment <<< 雇用
完全操業: kanzensougyou: full operation <<< 操業
完全看護: kanzenkango: full assistance <<< 看護
完全燃焼: kanzennnenshou: perfect combustion <<< 燃焼
完全試合: kanzenshiai: perfect game <<< 試合
完全犯罪: kanzenhanzai: perfect crime <<< 犯罪
完全主義: kanzenshugi: perfectionism <<< 主義
完全主義者: kanzenshugisha: perfectionist <<<
不完全: hukanzen: imperfection <<<
不完全な: hukanzennna: imperfect, incomplete
check also: 完璧


pronunciation: kanzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: liver
肝臓の: kanzouno: hepatic
肝臓病: kanzoubyou: liver trouble, complaint, disorder <<<
肝臓炎: kanzouen: inflammation of the liver, hepatitis <<< , 肝炎
肝臓癌: kanzougan: cancer of the liver, hepatic cancer <<<
牛の肝臓: ushinokanzou: liver of beef <<<
synonyms: レバー


pronunciation: kanzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: licorice
甘草液: kanzoueki: Spanish juice <<<
甘草エキス: kanzouekisu <<< エキス


pronunciation: kaodachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: features, face, looks, physiognomy
顔立ちの良い: kaodachinoii: good-looking, well-favored <<< , 美男 , 美女
顔立ちの悪い: kaodachinowarui: bad-looking, ill-favored <<<
顔立ちの整った: kaodachinototonotta: regular-featured <<<


pronunciation: kaoiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: complexion, color (of face), looks, countenance, facial expression
顔色が良い: kaoirogaii, kaoirogayoi: look well [fresh], have rosy cheeks <<<
顔色が良く成る: kaoirogayokunaru: gain color
顔色が悪い: kaoirogawarui: look pale, be colorless <<<
顔色を変える: kaoirookaeru: change color, turn pale <<<
顔色に出す: kaoironidasu: betray, show <<<
顔色を伺う: kaoirooukagau: study the pleasure of a person, read a person's face <<<
顔色を読む: kaoirooyomu <<<
synonyms: 血色 , 気色


pronunciation: kappa
kanji characters: ,
other spells: カッパ
keyword: legend
translation: kappa (a Japanese legendary aquatic animal)
河童巻: kappamaki: seasoned rice and sliced cucumber rolled in laver <<<
屁の河童: henokappa: dead easy, easy-peasy, very easy <<<
御河童: okappa: bowl cut <<<
御河童頭: okappaatama <<<
check also: Kappa


pronunciation: kappatsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: activity, vivacity, animation
活発な: kappatsuna: active, animated, brisk, lively, vivacious
活発な議論: kappatsunagiron: animated discussion <<< 議論
活発な市場: kappatsunashijou: brisk [lively, booming] market <<< 市場
活発に: kappatsuni: actively, animatedly, briskly, livelily, vivaciously
活発になる: kappatsuninaru: brisk, revive
活発にする: kappatsunisuru: activate, animate
活発に議論する: kappatsunigironsuru: actively discuss <<< 議論
check also: 活気


pronunciation: karaage
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 唐揚
keyword: food
translation: fry without coating, French-fry (n.)
空揚にする: karaagenisuru: French-fry (v.), deep-fry
空揚にした: karaagenishita: French-fried, deep-fried

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