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pronunciation: kaketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: approval, adoption, passage
可決する: kaketsusuru: pass [adopt, approve] (a bill), vote
可決される: kaketsusareru: be passed [adopted, approved]
法案を可決する: houannokaketsusuru: pass a bill <<< 法案
antonyms: 否決


pronunciation: kakezan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 掛け算
keyword: mathematics
translation: multiplication
掛算をする: kakezannosuru: multiply
check also: 足算 , 引算 , 割算


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: firearms
重火器: juukaki: heavy firearms <<<


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: fire
火気厳禁: kakigenkin: The lighting of fires is prohibited


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters: ,
translation: below mentioned sentence
下記の: kakino: mentioned below
下記の通り: kakinotoori: as follows <<<
下記の如く: kakinogotoku <<<


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , school
translation: summer period
夏期の: kakino: summer (a.), summery
夏期時間: kakijikan: daylight saving time, summer time <<< 時間
夏期学校: kakigakkou: summer school <<< 学校
夏期講習: kakikoushuu: summer lecture class [course] <<< 講習
夏期講座: kakikouza <<< 講座
夏期休暇: kakikyuuka: summer vacation [holidays] <<< 休暇
synonyms: 夏季
antonyms: 冬期


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , sport
translation: summer season
夏季オリンピック: kakiorinpikku: Summer Olympics <<< オリンピック
synonyms: 夏期
antonyms: 冬季


pronunciation: kaki
kanji characters:
other spells: 牡蛎
keyword: fish
translation: oyster
牡蠣を剥く: kakiomuku: open an oyster <<<
牡蠣売り: kakiuri: oyster seller <<<
牡蠣養殖: kakiyoushoku: oyster culture [farming] <<< 養殖
牡蠣養殖場: kakiyoushokujou: oyster farm [bed] <<<
牡蠣養殖業者: kakiyoushokugyousha: oysterfarmer, ostreiculturist, oysterman <<< 業者
牡蠣フライ: kakihurai: fried oyster <<< フライ
養殖牡蠣: youshokukaki: cultivated oyster <<< 養殖
check also:


pronunciation: kakijun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: stroke order (of a Chinese character)
check also: 筆順


pronunciation: kakitome
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: registration, registered mail
書留にする: kakitomenisuru: get registered
書留料: kakitomeryou: registration fee <<<
書留料金: kakitomeryoukin <<< 料金
書留郵便: kakitomeyuubin: registered letter <<< 郵便
書留小包: kakitomekoZutsumi: registered parcel <<< 小包

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