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pronunciation: kaitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: revision
改訂する: kaiteisuru: revise
改訂版: kaiteiban: revised edition <<<
check also: 改定


pronunciation: kaitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: sea bottom, sea bed, bottom of the sea
海底の: kaiteino: submarine, undersea
海底火山: kaiteikazan: submarine volcano <<< 火山
海底地震: kaiteijishin: submarine earthquake <<< 地震
海底油田: kaiteiyuden: submarine oil field <<< 油田
海底資源: kaiteishigen: sea-bottom resources <<< 資源
海底植物: kaiteishokubutsu: sea-bottom plants <<< 植物
海底電信: kaiteidenshin: submarine telegraph
海底電線: kaiteidensen: undersea cable <<< 電線
海底ケーブル: kaiteikeeburu <<< ケーブル
海底トンネル: kaiteitonnneru: underwater tunnel <<< トンネル


pronunciation: kaiteki
kanji characters: ,
translation: comfort
快適な: kaitekina: comfortable, pleasant, agreeable
快適に: kaitekini: comfortably, agreeably
快適な旅: kaitekinatabi: agreeable travel <<<
快適な部屋: kaitekinaheya: agreeable room <<< 部屋
check also: 安楽


pronunciation: kaiten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , transport
translation: spin (n.), rotation, revolution, turnover
回転する: kaitensuru: spin (v.), revolve, rotate, turn
回転式: kaitenshiki: rotary, revolving <<<
回転軸: kaitenjiku: axis, pivot <<<
回転翼: kaitennyoku: rotor, wafter <<<
回転率: kaitenritsu: turnover <<<
回転盤: kaitenban: turntable <<<
回転窓: kaitenmado: transom (window), pivoted window <<<
回転儀: kaitengi: gyroscope, gyrostat <<<
回転椅子: kaitennisu: revolving chair <<< 椅子
回転木馬: kaitenmokuba: merry-go-round, carrousel
回転競技: kaitenkyougi: slalom <<< 競技
回転資金: kaitenshikin: revolving fund <<< 資金
回転運動: kaitennundou: rotary motion <<< 運動
回転ドリル: kaitendoriru: rotary drill <<< ドリル
回転ドア: kaitendoa: revolving door, turnstile <<< ドア
check also: 旋回


pronunciation: kaiten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: shop opening
開店する: kaitensuru: open shop
開店日: kaitenbi: opening day <<<
開店時間: kaitenjikan: (shop) opening hours, opening time <<< 時間
開店披露: kaitenhirou: announcement of opening a shop <<< 披露
開店休業: kaitenkyuugyou: non business is done <<< 休業
check also: 閉店


pronunciation: kaitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food , computer
translation: thaw (n.), unfreezing, unpacking, decompression
解凍する: kaitousuru: thaw (v.), defrost, unfreeze, unpack, unzip, decompress


pronunciation: kaitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: answer (n.), response, solution
解答する: kaitousuru: answer (v.), respond, solve
解答者: kaitousha: solver <<<
解答集: kaitoushuu: answers <<<
check also: 回答 , 正解


pronunciation: kaitou
kanji characters: ,
translation: answer (n.), response, reply (n.)
回答する: kaitousuru: answer (v.), respond, reply (v.)
回答者: kaitousha: panelist, panellist <<<
check also: 解答 , 応答 , 返事


pronunciation: kaitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: mysterious thief
怪盗ルパン: kaitourupan: Arsene Lupin Gentleman Burglar


pronunciation: kaitsuke
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 買い付け
keyword: business
translation: buying (for one´s account), purchase (n.), indent
買付ける: kaitsukeru: buy, purchase (v.)
買付けの店: kaitsukenomise: one's favorite store <<<
check also: 買物

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