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pronunciation: kaishi
kanji characters: ,
translation: start (n.), beginning, opening, commencement, entrance
開始する: kaishisuru: start (v.), begin, open
砲撃を開始する: hougekiokaishisuru: open fire <<< 砲撃


pronunciation: kaishin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: round visit (of one's patients)
回診する: kaishinsuru: make a round of visits (to one's patients)
回診時間: kaishinjikan: visiting hours, time of round visit <<< 時間


pronunciation: kaishin
kanji characters: ,
translation: self-reform, repentance
改心する: kaishinsuru: reform oneself, turn over a new leaf (of one's life), mend [amend] one's ways, repent
改心させる: kaishinsaseru: reform so.
check also: 改宗


pronunciation: kaisho
kanji characters:
keyword: book
translation: square style of Chinese character writing [penmanship], square script
楷書で書く: kaishodekaku: write in the square style <<<


pronunciation: kaishoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: collective dinner, business dinner [lunch], company at table
会食する: kaishokusuru: dine together, dine with (a person)
会食者: kaishokusha: companion at table <<<


pronunciation: kaishou
kanji characters: ,
translation: dissolution, cancellation
解消する: kaishousuru: dissolve, break off (an engagement), cancel (a contract), be solved
派閥解消: habatsukaishou: elimination of factionalism <<< 派閥
婚姻を解消する: konninnokaishousuru: dissolve one's marriage <<< 婚姻
ストレスの解消: sutoresunokaishou: letting off steam <<< ストレス
check also: 破棄 , キャンセル


pronunciation: kaishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: (religious) conversion
改宗する: kaishuusuru: be converted
改宗させる: kaishuusaseru: convert (v.)
改宗者: kaishuusha: convert (n.) <<<
カトリックに改宗する: katorikkunikaishuusuru: become Catholic <<< カトリック


pronunciation: kaishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: improvement, repair (n.)
改修する: kaishuusuru: improve, repair (a building)
改修工事: kaishuukouji: repair work <<< 工事
河川改修: kasenkaishuu: river improvement <<< 河川
check also: 修理 , 改装


pronunciation: kaishuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: recovery, withdrawal, collection, retirement, recall
回収する: kaishuusuru: recover, withdraw, collect, retire, call in
回収不能: kaishuuhunou: irrecoverable, irretrievable <<< 不能
塵の回収: gominokaishuu: garbage collect [collection], withdrawal of garbage <<<
カプセルを回収する: kapuseruokaishuusuru: recover a capsule <<< カプセル


pronunciation: kaiso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: founder (of a sect), originator, initiator

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