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pronunciation: kougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: protestation, objection
抗議する: kougisuru: protest, object
抗議集会: kougishuukai: protest rally <<< 集会
抗議声明: kougiseimei: protest statement <<< 声明
抗議運動: kougiundou: protest movement <<< 運動
抗議デモ: kougidemo: protest demonstration <<< デモ


pronunciation: kougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: lecture (n.), discourse
講義する: kougisuru: lecture (on a subject), deliver [give] a lecture (on), give a course (in)
講義に出る: kouginideru: attend [be present at] a lecture <<<
講義に出席する: kouginishussekisuru <<< 出席
講義を怠ける: kougionamakeru: cut a lecture <<<
講義録: kougiroku: correspondence course, transcript of lectures <<<
公開講義: koukaikougi: extension lecture <<< 公開
check also: 講座 , 授業


pronunciation: kougo
kanji characters: ,
translation: reciprocity
交互の: kougono: reciprocal, mutual, alternate
交互に: kougoni: reciprocally, mutually, alternately, by turns
交互作用: kougosayou: interaction, reciprocal action <<< 作用
synonyms: 相互


pronunciation: kougou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: empress, queen
皇后陛下: kougouheika: Her Majesty the Empress <<< 陛下
マチルダ皇后: machirudakougou: Empress Matilda <<< マチルダ
check also: 皇帝


pronunciation: kougyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show , sport
translation: performance, exhibition, show
興行する: kougyousuru: give performances, exhibit
興行団: kougyoudan: company, troupe <<<
興行師: kougyoushi: show proprietor, showman <<<
興行主: kougyounushi: promoter <<<
興行界: kougyoukai: entertainment world <<<
興行物: kougyoubutsu: performance, show piece <<<
興行権: kougyouken: performing rights <<<
夜興行: yorukougyou: soiree, night representation <<<
昼興行: hirukougyou: matinee <<<
初日興行: shonichikougyou: opening performance, the première <<< 初日
夜間興行: yakankougyou: evening performance [show] <<< 夜間
深夜興行: shinnyakougyou: midnight show <<< 深夜
長期興行: choukikougyou: long run (of a play) <<< 長期
サーカスを興行する: saakasuokougyousuru: run a circus <<< サーカス
check also: 巡業


pronunciation: kougyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: mining industry
鉱業権: kougyouken: mining right <<<
鉱業税: kougyouzei: mining tax <<<
鉱業所: kougyousho: mining station <<<
鉱業家: kougyouka: mine owner <<<
鉱業会社: kougyougaisha: mining company <<< 会社
鉱業地帯: kougyouchitai: mining area <<< 地帯
check also: 工業


pronunciation: kougyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: (manufacturing) industry
工業の: kougyouno: industrial
工業化: kougyouka: industrialization <<<
工業国: kougyoukoku: industrial country <<<
工業生産: kougyouseisan: industrial output <<< 生産
工業団地: kougyoudanchi: industrial estate, park <<< 団地
工業地帯: kougyouchitai: industrial zone <<< 地帯
工業都市: kougyoutoshi: industrial city, town <<< 都市
工業大学: kougyoudaigaku: institute of technology, technical college <<< 大学
重工業: juukougyou: heavy industry <<<
軽工業: keikougyou: light industry <<<
食品工業: shokuhinkougyou: food industry <<< 食品
精密工業: seimitsukougyou: precision industry <<< 精密
石油工業: sekiyukougyou: petroleum industry <<< 石油
機械工業: kikaikougyou: machine industry <<< 機械
電力工業: denryokukougyou: electric-power industry <<< 電力
自動車工業: jidoushakougyou: automotive industry <<< 自動車
家内工業: kanaikougyou: domestic [household] industry <<< 家内
缶詰工業: kanZumekougyou: canning [packing] industry <<< 缶詰
織物工業: orimonokougyou: textile industry <<< 織物
金属工業: kinzokukougyou: metal industry, metallurgy <<< 金属
繊維工業: sennikougyou: textile industry <<< 繊維
電子工業: denshikougyou: electronics industry <<< 電子
油脂工業: yushikougyou: oil and fats industry <<< 油脂
ソーダ工業: soodakougyou: alkali manufacture <<< ソーダ
check also: 鉱業 , 産業


pronunciation: kouhai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: junior, younger graduate
check also: 先輩 , Kohai


pronunciation: kouhai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: desolation, dilapidation, ruin, devastation
荒廃する: kouhaisuru: go to ruin [decay], be devastated, be laid waste
荒廃させる: kouhaisaseru: ruin [v.], devastate
荒廃した: kouhaishita: ruined, desolate
荒廃地: kouhaichi: wasteland <<<


pronunciation: kouhaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color , fest
translation: red and white (a symbol of happiness)
紅白の幕: kouhakunomaku: curtain in red and white stripes <<<
紅白試合: kouhakushiai: match [game] between red and white camp <<< 試合
紅白饅頭: kouhakumanjuu: a pair of red and white manjus (served in a festival) <<< 饅頭

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