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pronunciation: koubutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , science
translation: mineral (n.)
鉱物の: koubutsuno: mineral (a.)
鉱物質: koubutsushitsu: mineral matter <<<
鉱物油: koubutsuyu: mineral oil <<<
鉱物学: koubutsugaku: mineralogy <<<
鉱物学者: koubutsugakusha: mineralogist <<< 学者
鉱物界: koubutsukai: mineral kingdom, world <<<
鉱物資源: koubutsushigen: mineral resources <<< 資源
check also: ミネラル


pronunciation: koubutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: favorite dish [food], one's delight
大好物: daikoubutsu <<<
好物の: koubutsuno: favorite (food)
好物だ: koubutsuda: have a weakness for
check also: 大好き


pronunciation: koucha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink
translation: black tea
check also: 緑茶


pronunciation: kouchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: detention, confinement
拘置する: kouchisuru: detain, confine
拘置所: kouchisho: detention house <<< , 刑務所
拘置状: kouchijou: warrant of detention <<<


pronunciation: kouchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Kochi (prefecture, city)
高知県: kouchiken: Prefecture of Kochi <<<
高知市: kouchishi: City of Kochi <<<
高知城: kouchijou: Kochi Castle <<<
check also: 土佐 , Kochi


pronunciation: kouchoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: stiffness, rigidification
硬直する: kouchokusuru: stiffen, get stiff, become rigid
硬直した: kouchokushita: stiff, rigid
check also: 硬化


pronunciation: kouchou
kanji characters: , 調
keyword: sport
translation: top shape, good condition, satisfactory state
好調の: kouchouno: good, favorable, satisfactory
好調である: kouchoudearu: be in good form, go on smoothly
絶好調: zekkouchou: the best condition <<<


pronunciation: kouchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: principal, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, headmaster, headmistress
check also: 園長


pronunciation: koudai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: vastness, extension
広大な: koudaina: vast, extensive
広大無辺: koudaimuhen: vast and boundless, immeasurable


pronunciation: koudan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , politics
translation: public corporation
公団住宅: koudanjuutaku: Housing Corporation apartment house <<< 住宅

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