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pronunciation: jiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics , technology
translation: magnetism
磁気の: jikino: magnetic
磁気嵐: jikiarashi: magnetic storm <<<
磁気学: jikigaku: magnetics <<<
磁気学者: jikigakusha: magnetist <<< 学者
磁気測定: jikisokutei: magnetometry <<< 測定
磁気録音: jikirokuon: magnetic recording <<< 録音
磁気テープ: jikiteepu: magnetic tape <<< テープ
磁気ヘッド: jikiheddo: magnetic head <<< ヘッド
磁気カード: jikikaado: magnetic stripe card <<< カード
残留磁気: zanryuujiki: residual magnetism <<< 残留


pronunciation: jiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: time, season
時期外れの: jikihazureno: out of season <<<
時期が早すぎる: jikigahayasugiru: it is too early to <<<
時期が遅すぎる: jikigaososugiru: it is too late to <<<
時期を画する: jikiokakusuru: be epoch-making <<<
重大な時期: juudainajiki: crucial moment <<< 重大
check also: 時機


pronunciation: jiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: opportunity, chance, time, occasion
時機に適した: jikinitekishita: opportune, timely, appropriate <<<
時機を窺う: jikioukagau: watch for a chance <<<
時機を待つ: jikiomatsu: wait for a chance <<<
時機を捉える: jikiotoraeru: seize the opportunity <<<
時機を逸する: jikioissuru: lose one's chance <<<
check also: 時期


pronunciation: jikka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: one's parents' home [family]
実家の姓: jikkanosei: one's maiden name, original family name <<<
実家に帰る: jikkanikaeru: return one's parents' home <<<
check also: 生家


pronunciation: jikkan
kanji characters: ,
translation: natural feeling, realization
実感する: jikkansuru: realize, feel natural
実感的: jikkanteki: realistic <<<


pronunciation: jikkan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , history
translation: celestial stems (composed of 10 elements, they were used in Chinese calendar together with zodiac), heavenly stems


pronunciation: jikken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: experiment (n.), test
実験する: jikkensuru: experiment (v.) make (conduct) an experiment, put on the test
実験的: jikkenteki: experimental <<<
実験室: jikkenshitsu: laboratory <<<
実験式: jikkenshiki: empirical formula <<<
実験場: jikkenjou: testing ground (area) <<<
実験所: jikkensho: experiment station, research institute <<<
実験材料: jikkenzairyou: experimental object <<< 材料
実験対象: jikkentaishou <<< 対象
実験動物: jikkendoubutsu: animal for experiments, experimental animal <<< 動物
実験農場: jikkennnoujou: pilot farm <<< 農場
化学実験: kagakujikken: chemical experiment <<< 化学
原爆実験: genbakujikken: atomic test, A-bomb experiment <<< 原爆
ミサイル実験: misairujikken: test firing of a missile <<< ミサイル
check also: 試験


pronunciation: jikkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: practical result, efficiency, effect
実効が有る: jikkougaaru: effective <<<
実効値: jikkouchi: effective value <<<
実効金利: jikkoukinri: effective interest rate <<< 金利
実効価格: jikkoukakaku: effective price <<< 価格
実効支配: jikkoushihai: effective control <<< 支配


pronunciation: jikkou
kanji characters: ,
translation: execution, realization, fulfillment
実行する: jikkousuru: execute, realize, carry out
実行に移す: jikkouniutsusu: put into action, give effect to <<<
実行上の: jikkoujouno: practical, executive <<<
実行可能な: jikkoukanouna: practicable, executable, realizable <<< 可能
実行力: jikkouryoku: power of execution <<<
実行家: jikkouka: man of action <<<
実行者: jikkousha: executioner <<<
実行委員: jikkouiin: executive committee <<< 委員
計画を実行する: keikakuojikkousuru: carry out a plan <<< 計画
命令を実行する: meireiojikkousuru: carry out the orders <<< 命令
check also: 実施 , 実践 , 執行


pronunciation: jiko
kanji characters: ,
translation: ego, self
自己の: jikono: personal, private
自己流の: jikoryuuno: self-taught <<<
自己管理: jikokanri: self control <<< 管理
自己中心: jikochuushin: egoist <<< 中心
自己防衛: jikobouei: self defense <<< 防衛
自己紹介: jikoshoukai: self introduction <<< 紹介
自己満足: jikomanzoku: self satisfaction <<< 満足
自己催眠: jikosaimin: autohypnosis <<< 催眠
自己宣伝: jikosenden: self-advertisement <<< 宣伝
自己資本: jikoshihon: equity capital <<< 資本

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