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pronunciation: jigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: dimension, plane
次元の低い: jigennnohikui: vulgar <<<
次元の異なる: jigennnokotonaru: be on a different plane [level] <<<
四次元: yojigen: the fourth dimension <<<
四次元の: yojigennno: four-dimensional
異次元: ijigen: different plane [level] <<<


pronunciation: jigoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: hell, bottomless pit, inferno
地獄の: jigokuno: hellish, infernal
地獄の様な: jigokunoyouna <<<
地獄に落ちる: jigokuniochiru: go to hell, be damned <<<
地獄耳: jigokumimi: sharp ears <<<
synonyms: 黄泉 , 冥界
antonyms: 天国


pronunciation: jigyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , industry
translation: business, project, enterprise
事業を営む: jigyouoitonamu: carry on business <<<
事業化: jigyouka: industrialization, commercialization <<<
事業化する: jigyoukasuru: industrialize, commercialize
事業を起こす: jigyouookosu: start a business, found an enterprise <<< , 起業
事業主: jigyounushi: business proprietor <<<
事業家: jigyouka: entrepreneur, enterpriser <<<
事業費: jigyouhi: working expense <<<
事業界: jigyoukai: business [industrial] circles <<<
事業税: jigyouzei: enterprise tax <<<
事業資金: jigyoushikin: business funds <<< 資金
事業年度: jigyounendo: business year <<< 年度
継続事業: keizokujigyou: continued project <<< 継続
関連事業: kanrenjigyou: affiliated enterprise <<< 関連
福祉事業: hukushijigyou: welfare work <<< 福祉
国営事業: kokueijigyou: government enterprise <<< 国営
民間事業: minkanjigyou: private enterprise <<< 民間
厚生事業: kouseijigyou: welfare work <<< 厚生
公共事業: koukyoujigyou: public utility <<< 公共
冒険事業: boukenjigyou: daring venture, reckless enterprise <<< 冒険
後援事業: kouenjigyou: aid organization, patronage <<< 後援
土木事業: dobokujigyou: public engineering works <<< 土木
共同事業: kyoudoujigyou: joint undertaking [enterprise] <<< 共同
奉仕事業: houshijigyou: public welfare work <<< 奉仕
巨大事業: kyodaijigyou: megaproject, gigantic project <<< 巨大
救済事業: kyuusaijigyou: relief work <<< 救済
個人事業: kojinjigyou: small business <<< 個人
共済事業: kyousaijigyou: mutual aid project <<< 共済
合弁事業: goubenjigyou: joint venture <<< 合弁
独占事業: dokusenjigyou: monopolistic enterprise <<< 独占
投機事業: toukijigyou: speculative enterprise <<< 投機
マンモス事業: manmosujigyou: mammoth project <<< マンモス
check also: 会社 , 企業


pronunciation: jihaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: confession
自白する: jihakusuru: confess, own up, come clean
任意の自白: ninninojihaku: voluntary confession <<< 任意
check also: 白状


pronunciation: jihi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: mercy, clemency, charity, grace, leniency
慈悲深い: jihibukai: merciful, clement, charitable, gracious, lenient <<<
慈悲を施す: jihiohodokosu: do an act of charity, have mercy on <<<
慈悲を請う: jihiokou: beg for mercy <<<
慈悲心: jihijin: benevolent heart <<<
無慈悲: mujihi: mercilessness, heartlessness <<<
無慈悲な: mujihina: merciless, heartless


pronunciation: jihu
kanji characters: ,
translation: pretension, pride
自負する: jihusuru: self-conceited, flatter oneself, pretend
自負心: jihushin: self-conceit, self-confidence <<<
synonyms: 自慢 , 矜持 ,


pronunciation: jii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: masturbation, self-consolation, self-abuse
自慰する: jiisuru: masturbate, play with oneself


pronunciation: jiin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: (Buddhist) temple
回教寺院: kaikyoujiin: mosque <<< 回教
イスラム寺院: isuramujiin: mosque <<< イスラム
ウェストミンスター寺院: wesutominsutaajiin: Westminster Abbey <<< ウェストミンスター
モルモン寺院: morumonjiin: Mormon temple <<< モルモン
ラマ寺院: ramajiin: lamasery <<< ラマ


pronunciation: jijitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: truth, fact, reality
事実に反する: jijitsunihansuru: be contrary to the fact <<<
事実に即した: jijitsunisokushita: conform to the truth <<<
事実を語る: jijitsuokataru: speak the truth, state the fact <<<
事実を言う: jijitsuoiu <<<
事実を曲げる: jijitsuomageru: falsify facts, pervert the truth <<<
事実と成る: jijitsutonaru: come true, come to pass, become a reality <<<
事実上: jijitsujou: as a matter of fact <<<
事実無根の: jijitsumukonnno: unfounded, groundless
事実調査: jijitsuchousa: fact-finding <<< 調査
既成事実: kiseijijitsu: accomplished [established] fact, fait accompli <<< 既成
起訴事実: kisojijitsu: indicted facts <<< 起訴
check also: 真実 , 実際


pronunciation: jijo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: second daughter
check also: 長女 , 次男

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