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pronunciation: jogen
kanji characters: ,
translation: advice, counsel (n.), admonition
助言する: jogensuru: advise, recommend, counsel (v.), admonish
助言者: jogensha: adviser, counselor, mentor <<< , カウンセラー
check also: 忠告


pronunciation: jojoni
kanji characters:
other spells: 徐徐に
keyword: time
translation: slowly, gradually, little by little, by degrees


pronunciation: jojou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 抒情
keyword: literature
translation: lyricism
叙情的: jojouteki: lyric, lyrical <<<
叙情詩: jojoushi: lyric poem, lyric poetry <<<
叙情詩人: jojoushijin: lyric poet, lyricist <<< 詩人


pronunciation: jojutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: description, narration
叙述的: jojutsuteki: descriptive, narrative <<<
叙述する: jojutsusuru: describe, narrate, depict, delineate


pronunciation: jokyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: removal, elimination, exclusion
除去する: jokyosuru: get rid of, remove, scour
汚染除去: osenjokyo: decontamination <<< 汚染


pronunciation: jokyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: waitress, barmaid
酒場の女給: sakabanojokyuu: barmaid <<< 酒場
check also: ウエイトレス , ホステス


pronunciation: joou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , biology
translation: queen regnant, female sovereign
女王蜂: jooubachi: queen bee <<<
女王蟻: joouari: queen ant <<<
蜜蜂の女王: mitsubachinojoou: queen bee <<< 蜜蜂
エリザベス女王: erizabesujoou: Queen Elizabeth <<< エリザベス
ビクトリア女王: bikutoriajoou: Queen Victoria <<< ビクトリア
check also: 王女 , 女帝


pronunciation: josei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes , grammar
translation: gentle [fair] sex, womanhood, woman, lady, feminine gender
女性の: joseino: feminine, female (a.)
女性的: joseiteki: womanly, womanlike, feminine, womanish, effeminate <<<
女性美: joseibi: feminine beauty <<<
女性用: joseiyou: for women <<<
女性着: joseigi: women's clothes <<<
女性型: joseikei: feminine gender <<<
女性観: joseikan: view of womanhood <<<
女性心理: joseishinri: feminine psychology <<< 心理
女性社員: joseishain: feminine staff <<< 社員
女性歌手: joseikashu: female singer <<< 歌手
女性ドライバー: joseidoraibaa: woman driver <<< ドライバー
女性ホルモン: joseihorumon: female hormone, estrogen <<< ホルモン
臨月の女性: ringetsunojosei: parturient woman <<< 臨月
グラマーな女性: guramaanajosei: glamour girl <<< グラマー
antonyms: 男性
check also: 婦人 , 女子


pronunciation: josetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: snow clearance
除雪する: josetsusuru: clear [remove] the snow [snowdrifts]
除雪機: josetsuki: snowplow <<<
除雪車: josetsusha <<<
除雪作業: josetsusagyou: snow-removing work <<< 作業
除雪作業員: josetsusagyouin: snow-removing worker [hand] <<<
check also: 雪掻き


pronunciation: joshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , school
translation: daughter, girl, young woman, female
女子の: joshino: ladies', female
女子校: joshikou: girl's school <<<
女子高: joshikou: girl's high school <<<
女子大学: joshidaikaku: women's college <<< 大学
女子学生: joshigakusei: girl student <<< 学生
女子教育: joshikyouiku: education of women [girls] <<< 教育
女子店員: joshitennin: salesgirl, saleswomen, saleslady, shop girl <<< 店員
女子シングルス: joshishingurusu: ladies' singles
女子ダブルス: joshidaburusu: ladies' doubles
女子トイレ: joshitoire: ladies' [women's] cloakroom [lavatory, restroom, toilet] <<< トイレ
antonyms: 男子
check also: 女性 , 婦人

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