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pronunciation: ikesu
kanji characters:
other spells: 生け簀
keyword: fish
translation: fish preserve, crawl
check also: 水槽


pronunciation: iki
kanji characters: ,
translation: spirit, heart, mind
意気揚々と: ikiyouyouto: in high spirits, triumphantly <<<
意気消沈する: ikishouchinsuru: be in low spirits, be depressed [crestfallen, cast down]
意気投合する: ikitougousuru: feel like-minded with
生意気: namaiki: impudence, presumption, audacicty, arrogancy, precocity <<<
生意気な: namaikina: impudent, presumptuous, pert, saucy, uppish, audacious, arrogant, cheeky, self-conceited, affected, precocious
check also: 元気


pronunciation: ikka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: a family, a household, a home, one's family
一家の長: ikkanochou: head of the family <<<
一家を構える: ikkaokamaeru: make one's home <<<
一家を支える: ikkaosasaeru: support one's family <<<
一家を成す: ikkaonasu: be an authority (on) <<<
一家言: ikkagen: one's own opinion (on, about) <<<
一家の主人: ikkanoshujin: master of a house <<< 主人
一家の主婦: ikkanoshuhu: mistress of a house <<< 主婦
一家心中: iakkashinjuu: whole family suicide <<< 心中
一家団欒: ikkadanran: fireside <<< 団欒
天皇一家: tennnouikka: imperial family <<< 天皇
check also: 家庭 , 家族


pronunciation: ikkai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1回
keyword: time
translation: once, one time, a round, a game
一回に: ikkaini: at a time
一回で: ikkaide: straightaway
一回目: ikkaime: the first time <<<
一回戦: ikkaisen: the first round, one round <<<
一回分: ikkaibun: a dose, an installment <<<
一回忌: ikkaiki: the first anniversary of the death <<<
第一回: daiikkai: the first <<<
一月に一回: hitotsukiniikkai: once a month <<< 一月
check also: 一度 , 二回


pronunciation: ikkai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1階
keyword: house
translation: the first floor (us), the ground floor (uk)
一階の家: ikkainoie: one-storied [one-story] house <<<
check also: 二階


pronunciation: ikkaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: a corner, a horn
一角犀: ikkakusai: Indian rhinoceros <<<
一角獣: ikkakujuu: unicorn <<<
一角獣座: ikkakujuuza: Monoceros <<<
天の一角: tennnoikkaku: a corner of the sky <<<
氷山の一角: hyouzannnoikkaku: tip of the iceberg, only a small visible bit <<< 氷山


pronunciation: ikkaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1格
keyword: grammar
translation: nominative
第一格: daiikkaku <<<
check also: 二格 , 三格 , 四格


pronunciation: ikkatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: together
一括する: ikkatsusuru: bundle up, sum up, summarize
一括して: ikkatsushite: in a lump
一括払い: ikkatsubarai: lump-sum payment <<<
一括取引: ikkatsutorihiki: package dealing <<< 取引
一括購入: ikkatsukounyuu: bulk buying <<< 購入
一括契約: ikkatsukeiyaku: blanket contract <<< 契約
一括割引: ikkatsuwaribiki: global discount <<< 割引


pronunciation: ikken
kanji characters: ,
translation: apparently, seemingly
一見した所: ikkenshitatokoro <<<
一見して: ikkenshite: at first glance
一見する: ikkensuru: have (take) a glance (look) at, glance at
一見状: ikkenjou: approval (of a document) <<<


pronunciation: ikki
kanji characters:
keyword: politics , history
translation: riot, insurrection, rebel (n.), rebellion
一揆を起す: ikkiookosu: raise a riot, rebel (v.) <<<
一揆が起こる: ikkigaokoru: An insurrection occurs
農民一揆: nouminnikki: peasants' riot <<< 農民
百姓一揆: hyakushouikki: peasants' riot <<< 百姓
ミュンヘン一揆: myunhennikki: Munich Putsch, Beer Hall Putsch <<< ミュンヘン
check also: 反乱

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