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pronunciation: ishou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 衣裳
keyword: clothes
translation: clothes, dress, costume
衣装方: ishoukata: costumer, dresser <<<
衣装係: ishougakari <<<
衣装部屋: ishoubeya: garderobe, cloakroom <<< 部屋
貸衣装: kashiishou: costumes for rent <<<
貸衣装屋: kashiishouya: costume renter, costume rental shop <<<
synonyms: 服装


pronunciation: ishou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: (artistic) design
意匠を凝らす: ishouokorasu: elaborate a design <<<
意匠家: ishouka: draftsman <<< , デザイナー
意匠を考案する: ishouokouansuru: think out a design
意匠登録: ishoutouroku: registration of designs <<< 登録
synonyms: デザイン


pronunciation: ishu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: different species [kind]
異種の: ishuno: various, different, heterogeneous
異種交配: ishukouhai: hybridization, crossing, crossbreed, hybrid <<< ハイブリッド
check also: 混血


pronunciation: ishuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , biology
translation: atrophy, obsolescence
萎縮の: ishukuno: obsolescent, atrophic
萎縮する: ishukusuru: atrophy (v.), wither, shrink, dwindle


pronunciation: isou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transfer (n.), removal
移送する: isousuru: transfer (v.), remove
check also: 移転 , 移動


pronunciation: issatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: one copy, one volume
一冊の本: issatsunohon: one copy [one volume] of book <<<


pronunciation: issei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: simultaneity
一斉に: isseini: with one voice, in chorus, unanimously, all at once, all together, simultaneously
一斉検挙: isseikenkyo: wholesale arrest, round-up <<< 検挙
一斉射撃: isseishageki: volley <<< 射撃
一斉射撃する: isseishagekisuru: fire a volley
synonyms: 同時


pronunciation: isseki
kanji characters: ,
translation: one stone
一石二鳥: issekinichou: kill two birds with one stone


pronunciation: issho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: total, whole, ensemble
一緒の: isshono: together, simultaneous
一緒に: isshoni: accompanied, together with, at the same time, simultaneously
一緒にする: isshonisuru: put [bring] together, mix up
一緒に成る: isshoninaru: be united with, mix with, get married <<<
一緒に住む: isshonisumu: live with a person, live under the same roof <<<
一緒に寝る: isshonineru: sleep together, share the bed <<<
一緒に歌う: isshoniutau: sing in chorus <<<
私と一緒に: watashitoisshoni: with me <<<
君と一緒に: kimitoisshoni: with you <<<


pronunciation: isshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: one's whole life, all [through] one's life
一生の: isshouno: lifelong
一生の間に: isshounoaidani: in [during] one's lifetime <<<
一生を通じて: isshouotsuujite <<<
一生の誤り: isshounoayamari: greatest mistake in one's life <<<
一生の間違い: isshounomachigai <<< 間違
一生の仕事: isshounoshigoto: lifework <<< 仕事
一生を捧げる: isshouosasageru: devote one's life to <<<
一生懸命に: isshoukenmeini: with all one's might [strength], very hard, for life, desperately, whole-heartedly <<< 懸命
一生懸命にやる: isshoukenmeiniyaru: do one's best, make a desperate effort

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