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pronunciation: isshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , travel
translation: one round, revolution
一周する: isshuusuru: go [travel, revolve] round, make a round
一周忌: isshuuki: the first anniversary of a person's death <<<
一周年: isshuunen: the first anniversary <<<
一周年記念: isshuunenkinen: celebration of the first anniversary <<< 記念
一周旅行: isshuuryokou: round trip <<< 旅行
世界一周: sekaiisshuu: tour round the world <<< 世界
check also: 一巡


pronunciation: isshuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1週
keyword: calendar
translation: one [a] week
一週間: isshuukan <<<
一週間前: isshuukanmae: a week ago <<<
一週間後: isshuukango: after a week <<<
一週間に一度: isshuukannniichido: once a week <<< 一度
一週間に一回: isshuukannniikkai <<< 一回
一週間に二度: isshuukannninido: twice a week <<< 二度
一週間に二回: isshuukannninikai <<< 二回


pronunciation: issou
kanji characters: ,
translation: a layer, much [still, all the] more
一層精を出す: issouseiodasu: work harder


pronunciation: isu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: chair, seat, post, position, portfolio
椅子を勧める: isuosusumeru: offer a chair <<<
椅子を狙う: isuonerau: have an eye on a post <<<
椅子から立つ: isukaratatsu: get up of the chair <<<
椅子に腰掛ける: isunikoshikakeru: sit on [in] a chair <<< 腰掛
椅子席: isuseki: seat <<<
椅子カバー: isukabaa: chair cover <<< カバー
揺り椅子: yuriisu: rocking chair <<<
車椅子: kurumaisu: wheelchair <<<
長椅子: nagaisu: sofa, bench <<< , ベンチ
補助椅子: hojoisu: spare chair <<< 補助
組立椅子: kumitateisu: sectional chair <<< 組立
三脚椅子: sankyakuisu: three-legged stool <<< 三脚
回転椅子: kaitennisu: revolving chair <<< 回転
安楽椅子: anrakuisu: easy chair <<< 安楽
ピアノ椅子: pianoisu: piano stool <<< ピアノ
check also: 腰掛


pronunciation: itai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , transport
translation: dead body, corpse
遺体を収容する: itaioshuuyousuru: recover the remains <<< 収容
遺体安置所: itaianchisho: mortuary


pronunciation: itaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: trust, consignment
委託する: itakusuru: entrust, consign
委託者: itakusha: truster, consignor <<<
委託金: itakukin: money in trust <<<
委託品: itakuhin: consigned goods <<<
委託販売: itakuhanbai: commission sale <<< 販売
check also: 委任


pronunciation: itamae
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: cook
synonyms: コック


pronunciation: itazura
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: mischief, practical joke, prank
悪戯な: itazurana: mischievous, naughtily, roguish
悪戯っぽい: itazurappoi
悪戯に: itazurani: for fun, for amusement, out of mischief
悪戯する: itazurasuru: play a trick [prank] (on), do mischief, play with, tamper with, molest (a woman)
悪戯書き: itazuragaki: graffiti, scribble (n.), scrawl, scrabble <<<
悪戯書きする: itazuragakisuru: scribble (v.), scrawl
悪戯着: itazuragi: rompers, play suit <<<
悪戯者: itazuramono: joker, wag, banterer, funster, jester <<<
悪戯半分に: itazurahanbunnni: half in fun <<< 半分
悪戯小僧: itazurakozou: mischievous [naughty] boy, urchin <<< 小僧
悪戯電話: itazuradenwa: prank calls <<< 電話
運命の悪戯: unmeinoitazura: irony of destiny <<< 運命
synonyms: 冗談


pronunciation: itchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: agreement, coincidence, correspondence
一致する: itchisuru: agree, coincide, correspond
一致しない: itchishinai: disagree, differ
一致した: itchishita: agreed, unanimous
一致して: itchishite: in unison, unanimously
一致団結: itchidanketsu: solidarity, union <<< 団結
一致協力: itchikyouryoku: unite efforts with the same aim <<< 協力
不一致: huitchi: disagreement, discord, discrepancy, incompatibility <<<
偶然の一致: guuzennnoitchi: coincidence <<< 偶然
見解が一致する: kenkaigaitchisuru: agree to, pull together <<< 見解
全員一致: zenninnitchi: unanimity <<< 全員
全員一致の: zenninnitchino: unanimous <<< 全員
全員一致で: zenninnitchide: unanimously, with one voice <<< 全員
意見が一致する: ikengaitchisuru: be of the same opinion, agree (with a person about a matter) <<< 意見
世論の一致: yoronnnoitchi: consensus of public opinion <<< 世論


pronunciation: ite , shashu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: marksman, rifleman, shooter
射手座: iteza: Archer, Sagittarius <<<

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