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pronunciation: hudousan
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: realty
translation: immovable property, real estate
不動産の: hudousannno: property (a.)
不動産業: hudousangyou: real estate agency <<<
不動産税: hudousanzei: real estate tax <<<
不動産屋: hudousannya: real estate agent, realtor <<<
不動産業者: hudousangyousha <<< 業者
不動産所得: hudousanshotoku: income from immovables <<< 所得


pronunciation: hugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: immorality, injustice, adultery
不義を働く: hugiohataraku: commit adultery <<<
不義を犯す: hugiookasu <<<
不義の: hugino: immoral, sinful
不義の子: huginoko: child born out of wedlock <<<
synonyms: 密通 , 姦通


pronunciation: hugou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: wealthy man, millionaire, billionaire
大富豪: daihugou: mogul, multimillionaire <<<
check also: 長者 , 成金


pronunciation: hugu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: フグ
keyword: fish
translation: globefish, swellfish, blowfish, fugu


pronunciation: huhai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , politics
translation: rot (n.), decomposition, decay (n.), corruption, putrefaction
腐敗する: huhaisuru: become rot, decompose, decay (v.), corrupt, putrefy
腐敗した: huhaishita: rotten, putrefied, decayed, addled, tainted, turned
腐敗しやすい: huhaishiyasui: perishable, corruptible, easy to go bad
腐敗止めの: huhaidomeno: antiseptic, preservative <<<
腐敗中毒: huhaichuudoku: septic poisoning <<< 中毒


pronunciation: huhen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: unchangeability, immutability
不変性: huhensei <<<
不変の: huhennno: unchangeable, invariable, immutable, constant (a.)
不変の法則: huhennnohousoku: immutable law <<< 法則
不変色: huhenshoku: permanent [fast] color <<<
不変数: huhensuu: constant (n.), invariable <<<
不変量: huhenryou <<<


pronunciation: huhou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , crime
translation: illegality, unlawfulness
不法な: huhouna: illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, unjust, wrong
不法越境: huhouekkyou: violation of the border [frontier]
不法監禁: huhoukankin: illegal confinement <<< 監禁
不法行為: huhoukoui: illegal act, illegality <<< 行為
不法集会: huhoushuukai: illegal assembly <<< 集会
不法侵入: huhoushinnnyuu: trespass <<< 侵入
不法占拠: huhousenkyo: illegal occupation <<< 占拠
不法滞在: huhoutaizai: illegal residence <<< 滞在
不法移民: huhouimin: illegal immigration, illegal [undocumented] immigrant <<< 移民
不法入国: huhounyuukoku: illegal entry <<< 入国
不法入国者: huhounyuukokusha: illegal entrant <<<
check also: 違法 , 不正 , 不当


pronunciation: hui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: suddenness, unexpectedness, abruptness
不意の: huino: sudden, unexpected, unlooked-for, abrupt
不意に: huini: suddenly, unexpectedly, without previous notice [warning], all of a sudden
不意に訪れる: huiniotozureru: pay (a person) a surprise visit <<<
不意に訪問する: huinihoumonsuru <<< 訪問
不意打: huiuchi: surprise attack <<<
不意打を食わす: huiuchiokuwasu: take (a person) by surprise, give (a person) a surprise attack <<<
不意打を食う: huiuchiokuu: be taken by surprise, be caught napping [unawares] <<<
check also:


pronunciation: huji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: (Mount) Fuji
富士山: hujisan, hujiyama: Mount Fuji <<<
富士市: hujishi: City of Fuji <<<
富士宮: hujinomiya: City of Fujinomiya <<<
富士宮市: hujinomiyashi <<<
富士通: hujitsuu: Fujitsu (a Japanese computer company) <<<
富士急: hujikyuu: Fujikyu (a passenger transportation company around Mt. Fuji) <<<
富士急行: hujikyuukou <<< 急行
富士急ハイランド: hujikyuuhairando: Fuji-Q Highland (an amusement park near Mt. Fuji) <<<
富士吉田: hujiyoshida: City of Fujiyoshida
富士吉田市: hujiyoshidashi
武富士: takehuji: Takefuji (a Japanese consumer finance company) <<<
千代の富士: chiyonohuji: Chiyonofuji (a great champion of Sumo) <<< 千代
check also: Fuji


pronunciation: hujin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: wife, madam
大使夫人: taishihujin: ambassadress <<< 大使
男爵夫人: danshakuhujin: baroness <<< 男爵
子爵夫人: shishakuhujin: viscountess <<< 子爵
侯爵夫人: koushakuhujin: marquiess, marchioness <<< 侯爵
公爵夫人: koushakuhujin: duchess, princess <<< 公爵
伯爵夫人: hakushakuhujin: countess <<< 伯爵
大統領夫人: daitouryouhujin: first lady <<< 大統領
カミラ夫人: kamirahujin: Mrs. Camilla (of Prince Charles) <<< カミラ
check also: 婦人

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