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pronunciation: houwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: saturation, congestion
飽和する: houwasuru: be saturated
飽和点: houwaten: saturation point <<<
飽和溶液: houwayoueki: saturated solution <<< 溶液
飽和化合物: houwakagoubutsu: saturated compound
飽和状態: houwajoutai: saturated state <<< 状態


pronunciation: hoyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , politics
translation: possession, ownership
保有する: hoyuusuru: possess, keep, retain, hold, own
保有者: hoyuusha: retainer, holder, owner <<<
保有物: hoyuubutsu: holdings, inventory, stock, portfolio <<<
保有高: hoyuudaka <<<
保有財産: hoyuuzaisan: tenement, property <<< 財産
核保有: kakuhoyuu: nuclear possession <<<


pronunciation: hozon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: preservation, conservation, keeping
保存する: hozonsuru: preserve, conserve, keep, maintain
保存が効く: hozongakiku: preservable, can be preserved, will keep <<<
保存が効かない: hozongakikanai: unpreservable, cannot be preserved, will not keep
保存食: hozonshoku: preserves <<<
保存期間: hozonkikan: shelf life <<< 期間
質量保存: shitsuryouhozon: conservation of mass <<< 質量
エネルギー保存: enerugiihozon: conservation of energy <<< エネルギー


pronunciation: huan
kanji characters: ,
translation: uneasiness, anxiety, apprehension, (a sense of) insecurity
不安な: huannna: anxious, insecure, precarious
不安に思う: huannniomou: be uneasy [uncertain] (about), be anxious (about) <<<
不安に成る: huannninaru <<<
不安に駆られる: huannnikarareru: be all [in great] anxiety <<<
不安な面持: huannnaomomochi: uneasy look
通貨不安: tsuukahuan: monetary (currency) uncertainty <<< 通貨
check also: 心配


pronunciation: huben
kanji characters: , 便
translation: inconvenience
不便な: hubennna: inconvenient
不便を感じる: hubennokanjiru: suffer inconvenience <<<
不便な思いをする: hubennnaomoiosuru <<<
不便を忍ぶ: hubennoshinobu: put up with inconvenience <<<
不便を掛ける: hubennokakeru: give [cause] (a person) inconvenience <<<
check also: 便利


pronunciation: hubo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: father and mother, one's parents
父母の愛: hubonoai: parental affection [love] <<<
父母会: hubokai: association of parents of students <<<
check also: 両親


pronunciation: hubuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: snowstorm, blizzard


pronunciation: huchaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: adhesion, attachment, adherence
付着する: huchakusuru: adhere [stick] to
付着力: huchakuryoku: adhesiveness <<<
付着力が有る: huchakuryokugaaru: adhesive <<<


pronunciation: huchou
kanji characters: , 調
translation: bad condition, slump
不調な: huchouna: in a bad condition
不調に終る: huchouniowaru: come to nothing, fail through <<<
check also: スランプ


pronunciation: hudan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 不断
keyword: life
translation: usually, habitually, customarily
普段の: hudannno: usual, ordinary, habitual, customary, everyday
普段からする: hudankarasuru: be in the habit of doing
普段の通り: hudannnotoori: as usual, in the usual way <<<
普段の様に: hudannnoyouni <<<
普段より早く: hudannyorihayaku: earlier than usual <<<
普段着: hudangi: everyday [weekday] clothes <<<

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