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pronunciation: hoon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: heat insulation [protection], thermal insulation
保温する: hoonsuru: keep warm
保温が良い: hoongaii: be well isolated <<<
保温装置: hoonsouchi: thermostat <<< 装置


pronunciation: hoozuki
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 酸漿, ホオズキ
keyword: fruit
translation: winter [ground] cherry, strawberry tomato
鬼灯を鳴らす: hoozukionarasu: blow a ground cherry <<<


pronunciation: hoppou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: north direction, north (n.)
北方の: hoppouno: north (a.), northern
北方に: hoppouni: northwards
北方領土: hoppouryoudo: northern territory (of Japan), south Kuril <<< 領土 , 千島
北方領土問題: hoppouryoudomondai: Kuril Islands dispute <<< 問題
check also: 南方


pronunciation: horohorochou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ほろほろ鳥, ホロホロチョウ
keyword: bird
translation: guinea fowl


pronunciation: hosa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: assistance
補佐する: hosasuru: assist, aid (v.)
補佐役: hosayaku: assistant <<<
補佐官: hosakan: aide, deputy (in the government) <<<
課長補佐: kachouhosa: assistant section chief <<< 課長


pronunciation: hosei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: correction, amendment, revision
補正する: hoseisuru: correct, amend, revise
補正値: hoseichi: corrected [revised] value <<<
補正予算: hoseiyosan: supplementary [revised] budget <<< 予算
check also: 修正 , 訂正


pronunciation: hoshaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: bail, bailment
保釈する: hoshakusuru: release (a person) on bail
保釈される: hoshakusareru: be released on bail
保釈中: hoshakuchuu: on bail <<<
保釈金: hoshakukin: bail money <<<
保釈人: hoshakunin: parolee <<<


pronunciation: hoshiimo
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 干し芋
keyword: confectionery
translation: dried sweet potato


pronunciation: hoshikuzu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: many small stars (in the sky)


pronunciation: hoshimono , himono
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 干し物
keyword: clothes , food
translation: clothes to dry, dried fish
干物挟み: hoshimonobasami: clothes-pin, clothes peg <<<
干物掛け: hoshimonokake: clothes-horse <<<
干物綱: hoshimonoZuna: clothes-line <<<
干物にする: himononisuru: dry [cure] (a fish)

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