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pronunciation: hinpan
kanji characters: ,
translation: commonness, abundance
頻繁な: hinpannna: frequent, busy
頻繁に: hinpannni: frequently, very often, in rapid succession, continually
頻繁に起こる: hinpannniokoru: be frequent, frequently occur <<<


pronunciation: hinshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: dying state, agony
瀕死の: hinshino: dying, fatal, mortal
瀕死の重傷: hinshinojuushou: fatal [mortal] injury <<< 重傷
瀕死の重傷を負う: hinshinojuushouoou: get fatally [mortally] injured, receive a mortal wound <<<
瀕死の人間: hinshinoningen: dying person <<< 人間
瀕死の状態に在る: hinshinojoutainiaru: be dying, be on the verge of death, be critically ill
check also: 危篤


pronunciation: hinshitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: product quality
品質の良い: hinshitsunoii: be good in quality, be of good quality <<<
品質の悪い: hinshitsunowarui: be bad in quality, be of inferior quality <<<
品質管理: hinshitsukanri: quality control <<< 管理
品質保障: hinshitsuhoshou: guarantee of quality
品質第一: hinshitsudaiichi: quality first <<< 第一
品質低下: hinshitsuteika: deterioration of quality <<< 低下
品質向上: hinshitsukoujou: quality improvement <<< 向上


pronunciation: hinshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: kind, sort, description, grade, variety, breed
品種改良: hinshukairyou: improvement of breed, plant breeding <<< 改良
check also: 種類


pronunciation: hiraishin
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: weather
translation: lightning rod [conductor]


pronunciation: hirame
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fish
translation: flatfish, flounder
大平目: oobirame: halibut <<<
舌平目: shitabirame: sole <<<


pronunciation: hiraoyogi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: events
translation: breaststroke (n.)
平泳ぎをする: hiraoyogiosuru: breaststroke (v.), do the breaststroke, swim on one's breast
check also: 背泳ぎ , クロール


pronunciation: hirate
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: palm, open hand
平手で打つ: hiratedeutsu: slap (v.), spank, pat <<<
平手を喰わす: hirateokuwasu <<<
平手打ち: hirateuchi: slap (n.) in the face <<<
check also: 拳骨


pronunciation: hirei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics , politics
translation: proportion
比例する: hireisuru: proportionate, proportional, in proportion
比例して: hireishite: in proportion to
比例式: hireishiki: proportion (equation) <<<
比例配分: hireihaibun: proportional allotment
比例制: hireisei: proportional representation <<<
比例代表: hireidaihyou <<< 代表
正比例: seihirei: direct proportion <<<
反比例: hanpirei: inverse proportion <<<
単比例: tanpirei: simple proportion <<<
複比例: hukuhirei: compound proportion <<<


pronunciation: hiroba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: square, circus, plaza, place
駅前広場: ekimaehiroba: (train) station square [place, piazza] <<< 駅前
正面広場: shoumenhiroba: court of honor <<< 正面
トラファルガー広場: torafarugaahiroba: Trafalgar Square (London) <<< トラファルガー

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