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pronunciation: higan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism , calendar
translation: equinoctial week, nirvana, afterlife
彼岸の: higannno: equinoctial
彼岸会: higanne: nirvana worship [religious] service <<<
彼岸桜: higanzakura: early flowering cherry (tree) <<<
彼岸花: higanbana: amaryllis <<< , アマリリス
彼岸の入り: higannnoiri: beginning of the equinoctial week <<<
彼岸の中日: higannnochuunichi: equinoctial day
春の彼岸: harunohigan: vernal equinox <<<
秋の彼岸: akinohigan: autumnal equinox <<<
check also: 春分 , 秋分


pronunciation: higan
kanji characters: ,
translation: one's earnest wish, one's long-cherished desire
悲願の: higannno: long-cherished
check also: 念願


pronunciation: higasa
kanji characters: ,
translation: sunshade, parasol
check also: 雨傘


pronunciation: higeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: tragedy, tragic drama
悲劇の: higekino: tragic, very sad
悲劇的: higekiteki <<<
悲劇俳優: higekihaiyuu: tragic actor, tragedian <<< 俳優
悲劇役者: higekiyakusha <<< 役者
悲劇作家: higekisakka: tragedian, tragic dramatist <<< 作家
check also: 喜劇


pronunciation: higesori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: razor, shaver
髭剃器: higesoriki: electric shaver [razor], safety razor <<<
check also: 剃刀


pronunciation: higo
kanji characters: ,
translation: protection, patronage
庇護する: higosuru: protect, take (a person) under one's wing
神の庇護に拠り: kaminohigoniyori: by the grace of God
check also: 保護


pronunciation: hihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: criticism, judgment
批判する: hihansuru: criticize, judge (v.)
批判的: hihanteki: critical <<<
批判者: hihansha: critic <<<
批判力: hihanryoku: judgment, critical faculty <<<
批判哲学: hihantetsugaku: criticism <<< 哲学
体制批判: taiseihihan: criticism of a system <<< 体制
check also: 批評


pronunciation: hihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: skin (n.)
皮膚の: hihuno: skin (a.), cutaneous
皮膚の色: hihunoiro: complexion, skin color <<<
皮膚病: hihubyou: skin disease <<<
皮膚炎: hihuen: dermatitis, eczema <<< , 湿疹
皮膚科: hihuka: dermatology <<<
皮膚科医: hihukai: dermatologist, skin specialist <<<
皮膚癌: hihugan: skin [cutaneous] cancer <<<
皮膚筋炎: hihukinnen: dermatomyositis
皮膚呼吸: hihukokyuu: cutaneous respiration <<< 呼吸


pronunciation: hihyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: criticism, critique (n.), comment (n.)
批評する: hihyousuru: criticize, critique (v.), comment (v.)
批評家: hihyouka: critic, essayist <<<
批評的: hihyouteki: critical <<<
批評論: hihyouron: critical essay, essay in criticism, critique <<<
批評眼: hihyougan: critical eye (sense) <<<
音楽批評: ongakuhihyou: music criticism <<< 音楽
辛口批評: karakuchihihyou: bitter [unsparing] criticism <<< 辛口
check also: 評論 , 批判


pronunciation: hiiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: cardinal (n.), scarlet
緋色の: hiirono: cardinal (a.), scarlet
check also: 深紅

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