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pronunciation: hannei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: prosperity
繁栄の: hanneino: prosperous, flourishing, thriving
繁栄する: hanneisuru: be prosperous, prosper, flourish, thrive
check also: 繁盛


pronunciation: hannen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: semicircle, half circle
半円形: hannenkei <<<
半円形の: hannenkeino: semicircular, half-round
半円を描く: hannennoegaku: make a half circle <<<


pronunciation: hanni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: range, scope, reach, extent, limit, domain, sphere
範囲が狭い: hannigasemai: be of a narrow range, be limited <<<
範囲が広い: hannigahiroi: be of a wide range, be extensive <<<
範囲を限る: hanniokagiru: set limits to <<<
範囲内に: hanninaini: within the limits (scope) of <<<
範囲外に: hannigaini: beyond the limits (scope) of <<<
広範囲: kouhanni: extensive (widespread) area (domain) <<<
作用範囲: sayouhanni: working realm <<< 作用
応用範囲: ouyouhanni: application field <<< 応用
勢力範囲: seiryokuhanni: one's sphere of influence <<< 勢力
活動範囲: katsudouhanni: scope of activity <<< 活動
交際範囲: kousaihanni: circle of acquaintance <<< 交際
移動範囲: idouhanni: margin of displacement <<< 移動


pronunciation: hannnin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: criminal, suspect, culpable
犯人を捜す: hannninnosagasu: search for the suspect <<<
犯人を捕らえる: hannninnotoraeru: catch a criminal out <<<
犯人を逮捕する: hannninnotaihosuru <<< 逮捕
犯人を見付ける: hannninnomitsukeru: find criminal
犯人を発見する: hannninnohakkensuru <<< 発見
真犯人: shinhannnin: true [real] criminal <<<
放火犯人: houkahannnin: arsonist <<< 放火
殺人犯人: satsujinhannnin: killer, murderer, homicide <<< 殺人
check also: 罪人


pronunciation: hannnou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , biology
translation: reaction, response
反応する: hannnousuru: react, respond
反応が有る: hannnougaaru: have effect on <<<
反応が無い: hannnouganai: have no effect on <<<
反応時間: hannnoujikan: reaction (response) time <<< 時間
連鎖反応: rensahannnou: chain reaction <<< 連鎖
炎症反応: enshouhannnou: inflammatory reaction <<< 炎症
酸性反応: sanseihannnou: acid reaction <<< 酸性
異常反応: ijouhannnou: allergy, abnormal reaction [response] <<< 異常
拒否反応: kyohihannnou: rejection reaction <<< 拒否
拒絶反応: kyozetsuhannnou: rejection symptom, immunological reaction <<< 拒絶
化学反応: kagakuhannnou: chemical reaction <<< 化学
接触反応: sesshokuhannnou: catalysis <<< 接触
アルカリ反応: arukarihannnou: alkaline reaction <<< アルカリ
プラス反応: purasuhannnou: positive reaction <<< プラス


pronunciation: hannyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: general purpose
汎用の: hannyouno: general-purpose
汎用樹脂: hannyoujushi: general-purpose resin <<< 樹脂
汎用コンピューター: hannyoukonpyuutaa: general-purpose computer <<< コンピューター


pronunciation: hanpa
kanji characters: ,
translation: incompleteness, odd thing, remnant, fraction
半端な: hanpana: odd (money, job, moments), half-done, incomplete
半端の: hanpano
半端物: hanpamono: odds and ends, odd piece <<<
中途半端: chuutohanpa: incompleteness, halfway (method, measure) <<< 中途
中途半端な: chuutohanpana: halfway (a.), incomplete, undecided, unsettled <<< 中途


pronunciation: hanpatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics , politics
translation: repulsion, opposition, resistance
反発する: hanpatsusuru: repel, resist, oppose
反発力: hanpatsuryoku: repulsion (force) <<<
反発力の有る: hanpatsuryokunoaru: resilient, elastic <<<


pronunciation: hanpuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: repetition, reiterate
反復する: hanpukusuru: repeat, reiterate, do [say] over (and over) again
反復して: hanpukushite: repeatedly, over and over again
反復記号: hanpukukigou: sign of repetition, ditto sign [marks] <<< 記号


pronunciation: hanran
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , war
translation: rebellion, revolt (n.), insurrection
反乱する: hanransuru: rebel, revolt (v.)
反乱を起こす: hanrannookosu <<<
反乱を鎮める: hanrannoshizumeru: put down [suppress] a rebellion <<<
反乱軍: hanrangun: rebel army <<<
check also: 暴動 , 一揆

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