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pronunciation: handa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: solder (n.)
半田付け: handaZuke: soldering <<<
半田付けする: handaZukesuru: solder (v.)
半田鏝: handagote: soldering iron <<<
check also: 溶接


pronunciation: handan
kanji characters: ,
translation: judgment, conclusion, appreciation
判断する: handansuru: judge, conclude, appreciate
判断を下す: handannokudasu: pass a judgment <<<
判断を誤る: handannoayamaru: misjudge, error in judgment <<<
判断力: handanryoku: power (strength) of judgment <<<
身の上判断: minouehandan: fortunetelling <<< 身の上
価値判断: kachihandan: value judgment, evaluation <<< 価値
情況判断: joukyouhandan: circumstantial analysis <<< 情況
姓名判断: seimeihandan: onomancy <<< 姓名
check also: 判定


pronunciation: handou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , economy
translation: reaction
反動で: handoude: as a reaction
反動する: handousuru
反動的な: handoutekina: reactionary (a.) <<<
反動高: handoudaka: rise by reaction <<<
反動安: handouyasu: fall by reaction <<<
反動思想: handoushisou: reactionary idea <<< 思想
反動主義: handoushugi: reaction, reactionary doctrine (principle) <<< 主義
反動主義者: handoushugisha: reactionary (n.), reactionist <<<
check also: 反発


pronunciation: hane
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird , amusement
translation: wing, feather, plume, quill, blade, vane, shuttlecock
羽根突: hanetsuki: Japanese battledore and shuttlecock game <<<
羽根を突く: haneotsuku: play battledore and shuttlecock
check also: 羽子板 , Hanetsuki


pronunciation: haneda
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Haneda (airport)
羽田空港: hanedakuukou: Haneda Airport <<< 空港
羽田飛行場: hanedahikoujou


pronunciation: hanga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: woodprint, etching
版画を彫る: hangaohoru: engrave <<<
版画師: hangashi: engraver <<<
木版画: mokuhanga: woodprint <<<
銅版画: douhanga: etching <<<


pronunciation: hangaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: half price, half rate
半額で: hangakude: at half price, at half the usual price (charge)
半額に下げる: hangakunisageru: cut the price by half, make a fifty percent discount <<<
半額セール: hangakuseeru: half pricing sale <<< セール


pronunciation: hangyaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 叛逆
keyword: war , politics
translation: treason, rebellion, insurrection, revolt
反逆する: hangyakusuru: rebel [revolt] (against)
反逆を企てる: hangyakuokuwadateru: plot against (a person) <<<
反逆的: hangyakuteki: treasonous, rebellious <<<
反逆罪: hangyakuzai: treason <<<
反逆者: hangyakusha: traitor, rebel <<<
反逆の精神: hangyakunoseishin: spirit of revolt <<< 精神
check also: 裏切


pronunciation: haniwa
kanji characters:
keyword: japanese history
translation: clay image [figure], terracotta


pronunciation: hanjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: prosperity, wealth, affluence
繁盛する: hanjousuru: prosper, be prosperous, thrive, flourish, have a large practice
繁盛した: hanjoushita: prosperous, flourishing, thriving
商売が繁盛する: shoubaigahanjousuru: do good business [trade], do very well in business <<< 商売
check also: 繁栄

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