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pronunciation: gikei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: (elder) brother-in-law
check also: 義弟


pronunciation: gimon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: doubt (n.), interrogation, question
疑問の: gimonnno: doubtful, uncertain, questionable
疑問を持つ: gimonnomotsu: doubt (v.), interrogate <<<
疑問を抱く: gimonnoidaku <<<
疑問点: gimonten: doubtful point <<<
疑問符: gimonhu: question mark <<<
疑問文: gimonbun: interrogative sentence <<<
疑問形: gimonkei: interrogative form <<<
疑問詞: gimonshi: interrogative <<<
疑問副詞: gimonhukushi: interrogative adverb <<< 副詞
疑問代名詞: gimondaimeishi: interrogative pronoun
疑問形容詞: gimonkeiyoushi: interrogative adjective


pronunciation: gimu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , law
translation: duty, obligation
義務が有る: gimugaaru: must, have to, ought to <<<
義務を尽くす: gimuotsukusu: perform [discharge, fulfill] one's duty <<<
義務を果たす: gimuohatasu <<<
義務を怠る: gimuookotaru: neglect one's duty <<<
義務的: gimuteki: obligatory, compulsory <<<
義務化: gimuka: make obligatory <<<
義務感: gimukan: sense of duty <<<
義務観念: gimukannnen
義務年限: gimunengen: obligatory term of service
義務教育: gimukyouiku: compulsory education <<< 教育
当然の義務: touzennnogimu: inevitable duty <<< 当然
権利義務: kenrigimu: right and obligation <<< 権利
扶養の義務: huyounogimu: obligation to support <<< 扶養
check also: 任務


pronunciation: ginga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: Milky Way
銀河系: gingakei: galaxy <<< , 星雲
銀河系の: gingakeino: galactic
synonyms: 天の川


pronunciation: gingitsune
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: silver fox
銀狐の毛皮: gingitsunenokegawa: silver fox fur <<< 毛皮


pronunciation: ginka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: silver coin
銀貨本位: ginkahonni: silver (specie) standard
check also: 金貨


pronunciation: ginkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bank
translation: bank
銀行家: ginkouka: banker <<<
銀行員: ginkouin: bank clerk [employee] <<<
銀行業: ginkougyou: banking <<<
銀行券: ginkouken: bank note [bill] <<<
銀行株: ginkoukabu: bank stocks <<<
銀行通帳: ginkoutsuuchou: bankbook <<< 通帳
銀行取引: ginkoutorihiki: bank transaction <<< 取引
銀行手形: ginkoutegata: bank draft <<< 手形
銀行小切手: ginkoukogitte: bank check <<< 小切手
銀行口座: ginkoukouza: bank account <<< 口座
銀行貯金: ginkouchokin: bank deposit <<< 貯金
銀行振込: ginkouhurikomi: (pay by) bank transfer, pay into a person's bank account <<< 振込
銀行利子: ginkourishi: bank interest <<< 利子
銀行頭取: ginkoutoudori: general manager of a bank <<< 頭取
銀行強盗: ginkougoutou: bank robbery <<< 強盗
血液銀行: ketsuekiginkou: blood bank <<< 血液
三菱銀行: mitsubishiginkou: Mitsubishi Bank <<< 三菱
国立銀行: kokuritsuginkou: national bank <<< 国立
世界銀行: sekaiginkou: World Bank <<< 世界
開発銀行: kaihatsuginkou: development bank <<< 開発
貯蓄銀行: chochikuginkou: savings bank <<< 貯蓄
相互銀行: sougoginkou: mutual (financing) bank <<< 相互
特殊銀行: tokushuginkou: chartered [special] bank <<< 特殊
信用銀行: shinnyouginkou: credit bank <<< 信用
取引銀行: torihikiginkou: one's bank, correspondent bank <<< 取引
組合銀行: kumiaiginkou: associated bank <<< 組合
中央銀行: chuuouginkou: central bank <<< 中央


pronunciation: ginou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , sport
translation: skill, ability, talent
技能の有る: ginounoaru: skilled, able, talented <<<
技能賞: ginoushou: prize for superior skill (in Sumo) <<<
技能オリンピック: ginouorinpikku: Worldskills Competition <<< オリンピック
check also: 腕前 , 技術


pronunciation: ginza
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Ginza (a district of Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
銀座腺: ginzasen: Ginza Line (a metro line of Tokyo) <<<
check also: Ginza


pronunciation: giri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: obligation, duty, justice
義理堅い: girigatai: having a strong sense of duty, faithful, conscientious <<<
義理を欠く: giriokaku: having no sense of duty, ungrateful, thankless <<<
義理を立てる: giriotateru: do one's duty (by a friend) <<<
義理の娘: girinomusume: daughter-in-law, stepdaughter <<<
義理の息子: girinomusuko: son-in-law, stepson <<< 息子
義理の姉妹: girinoshimai: sister-in-law, stepsister <<< 姉妹
義理の兄弟: girinokyoudai: brother-in-law, stepbrother <<< 兄弟 , 義兄 , 義弟
義理の母: girinohaha: mother-in-law, stepmother <<< ,
義理の母親: girinohahaoya <<< 母親
義理の父: girinochichi: father-in-law, stepfather <<< ,
義理の父親: girinochichioya <<< 父親

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