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pronunciation: geta
kanji characters: ,
keyword: footwear
translation: wooden clogs, Japanese clogs
下駄を履く: getaohaku: put on clogs <<<
下駄を脱ぐ: getaonugu: put off clogs <<<
下駄履きで: getabakide: in clogs <<<
下駄を預ける: getaoazukeru: leave everything to a person <<<
下駄屋: getaya: clogshop, clogmaker <<<
下駄箱: getabako: boot cupboard <<<
check also: 草履 , サンダル


pronunciation: getsumatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: end of the month
月末に: getsumatsuni: at the end of the month
月末勘定: getsumatsukanjou: month-end payment <<< 勘定
check also: 年末 , 週末


pronunciation: getsuyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: Monday
月曜日: getsuyoubi <<<
来週の月曜: raishuunogetsuyou: next Monday <<< 来週


pronunciation: gichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: chairman, president, speaker
議長の: gichouno: presidential, of chairman
議長を選ぶ: gichouoerabu: elect a chairman <<<
議長に選ぶ: gichounierabu: elect a person as chairman
議長に選ばれる: gichounierabareru: be elected as chairman
議長を務める: gichouotsutomeru: preside over [act as chairman in] (a conference) <<<
議長に成る: gichouninaru: assume the chairmanship (of) <<<
議長職: gichoushoku: chairmanship, presidency <<<
議長選挙: gichousenkyo: election of a chairman <<< 選挙
check also: 大統領 , 会長


pronunciation: gidai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: subject [topic] for discussion, agenda
議題に上る: gidaininoboru: come [take] up for discussion <<<
議題にする: gidainisuru


pronunciation: gihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Gifu (prefecture, city)
岐阜県: gihuken: Prefecture of Gifu <<<
岐阜市: gihushi: City of Gifu <<<
check also: Gifu


pronunciation: giin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: parliament member, municipal [city, town] councillor
議員席: giinseki: parliamentary seat <<<
議員団: giindan: parliamentary delegation <<<
議員特権: giintokken: parliamentary immunity
議員候補: giinkouho: parliamentary candidate <<< 候補
議員立法: giinrippou: parliamentary act <<< 立法
議員投票: giintouhyou: floor vote, parliamentary vote <<< 投票
代議員: daigiin: delegate, representative <<<
国会議員: kokkaigiin: member of parliament <<< 国会
タレント議員: tarentogiin: celebrity-turned Diet member <<< タレント


pronunciation: giji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: proceedings, debate, deliberation
議事に入る: gijinihairu: open a sitting <<<
議事を閉じる: gijiotojiru: close a sitting <<<
議事録: gijiroku: minutes of proceedings <<<
議事堂: gijidou: Diet Building, Capitol, House of Parliament <<<
議事妨害: gijibougai: obstruction of proceedings, filibuster <<< 妨害
議事日程: gijinittei: order of the day <<< 日程 , アジェンダ


pronunciation: gijutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: technique, technology, skill
技術の: gijutsuno: technical, technological
技術的: gijutsuteki <<<
技術的に: gijutsutekini: technically
技術的に困難: gijutsutekinikonnnan: technically difficult <<< 困難
技術者: gijutsusha: technician, engineer <<< , 技師
技術援助: gijutsuenjo: technical aid [assistance] <<< 援助
技術協力: gijutsukyouryoku: technical corporation <<< 協力
技術提携: gijutsuteikei <<< 提携
技術革新: gijutsukakushin: technical renovation <<< 革新
技術開発: gijutsukaihatsu: technological development <<< 開発
技術移転: gijutsuiten: technology transfer <<< 移転
技術格差: gijutsukakusa: disparity in technology <<< 格差
運転技術: untengijutsu: driving skill <<< 運転
先端技術: sentangijutsu: high-tech, high technology <<< 先端
科学技術: kagakugijutsu: science and technology <<< 科学
リサイクル技術: risaikurugijutsu: recycling technology <<< リサイクル
ロケット技術: rokettogijutsu: rocketry <<< ロケット
check also: 技能


pronunciation: gikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , town
translation: parliament, congress, diet
議会の: gikaino: parliamentary
議会を召集する: gikaioshoushuusuru: convoke the Diet [assembly, parliament]
議会を解散する: gikaiokaisansuru: dissolve the Diet [assembly, parliament] <<< 解散
議会政治: gikaiseiji: parliamentary government <<< 政治
議会制度: gikaiseido: parliamentary system <<< 制度
議会主義: gikaishugi: parliamentarism <<< 主義
州議会: shuugikai: state assembly [parliament] <<<
県議会: kengikai: prefectural assembly (in Japan) <<<
都議会: togikai: Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly <<<
市議会: shigikai: municipal [city] assembly <<<
町議会: chougikai: municipal [town] assembly <<<
村議会: songikai: municipal [village] assembly <<<
欧州議会: oushuugikai: European Parliament <<< 欧州
連邦議会: renpougikai: federal parliament, Bundestag (in Germany) <<< 連邦
地方議会: chihougikai: local assembly <<< 地方
ヨーロッパ議会: yooroppagikai: European Parliament <<< ヨーロッパ
check also: 国会

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