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pronunciation: enryo
kanji characters: ,
translation: reserve, modesty, deference, discretion, hesitation, forethought, foresight
遠慮する: enryosuru: be preserved [modest], stand on ceremony, hesitate, refrain [keep] from (doing), withhold, stay out, refuse
遠慮深い: enryobukai: reserved, modest, shy <<<
遠慮勝ちな: enryogachina <<<
遠慮深く: enryobukaku: in a reserved manner, modestly <<<
遠慮勝ちに: enryogachini <<<
遠慮無く: enryonaku: without reserve [hesitation], freely <<<
遠慮せずに: enryosezuni
遠慮の無い: enryononai: free, frank, outspoken, unconstrained


pronunciation: ensan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: hydrochloric acid
塩酸カリ: ensankari: potassium chlorate <<< カリ


pronunciation: ensei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: weariness of life [the world], pessimism
厭世的: enseiteki: pessimistic <<<
厭世家: einseika: pessimist <<<
厭世観: enseikan: pessimistic view of life, pessimism <<<
厭世主義: enseishugi <<< 主義


pronunciation: ensei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: expedition, visit (n.)
遠征する: enseisuru: go on an expedition (to), visit (v.)
遠征軍: enseigun: expeditionary force, expedition <<<
遠征隊: enseitai <<<
遠征団: enseidan: visiting team <<<
遠征チーム: enseichiimu <<< チーム


pronunciation: ensen
kanji characters: 沿 ,
keyword: town
translation: along a railroad [railway] line


pronunciation: enshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: long sight, long-sightedness, hypermetropia
遠視の: enshino: longsighted, hypermetropic
遠視眼鏡: enshigankyou: glasses for the longsighted <<< 眼鏡
check also: 近視


pronunciation: enshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: inflammation, irritation, swelling
炎症性: enshousei: inflammatory <<<
炎症を起こす: enshouookosu: inflame, irritate <<<
炎症反応: enshouhannnou: inflammatory reaction <<< 反応
check also: カタル


pronunciation: enshutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: production, representation
演出する: enshutsusuru: produce [represent] (a play)
演出家: enshutsuka: producer, director <<<
演出者: enshutsusha <<<
演出法: enshutsuhou: manner of performance, execution, dramatics <<<
演出効果: enshutsukouka: stage effect <<< 効果


pronunciation: enshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: circumference
円周率: enshuuritsu: circular constant, pi <<<
円周角: enshuukaku: inscribed angle <<<
check also: パイ


pronunciation: enshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , education
translation: exercise, practice, drill, seminar, sham fight [battle], maneuvers
演習場: enshuujou: exercise area <<<
野外演習: yagaienshuu: field exercise <<< 野外
防空演習: boukuuenshuu: air defense drill <<< 防空
射撃演習: shagekienshuu: shooting practice, field firing <<< 射撃
check also: 練習

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