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pronunciation: endaka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: high yen-rate, Yen appreciation
check also: 円安


pronunciation: endan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: platform, rostrum
演壇に登る: endannninoboru: take the platform <<<
演壇を降り: ruendannooriru: leave the platform <<<


pronunciation: endan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love , life
translation: marriage proposal
縁談が有る: endangaaru: have a proposal of marriage <<<
縁談に応じる: endannnioujiru: accept an offer of marriage <<<
縁談を断る: endannokotowaru: refuse an offer of marriage <<<
縁談を纏める: endannomatomeru: arrange a marriage, make a match <<<
check also: 結婚 , 婚約


pronunciation: endou
kanji characters:
keyword: vegetable
translation: peas
豌豆豆: endoumame <<<
青豌豆: aoendou: green peas <<<
莢豌豆: sayaendou: mangetout, sugar peas <<<


pronunciation: engan
kanji characters: 沿 ,
keyword: geography , sea
translation: coast
沿岸の: engannno: coastal
沿岸地方: enganchihou: coastal region, coast <<< 地方
沿岸貿易: enganboueki: coastal trade <<< 貿易
沿岸漁業: engangyogyou: coastal fishery <<< 漁業
沿岸航海: engankoukai: coastal shipping <<< 航海
沿岸航路: engankouro: coasting [coastal] line [route] <<< 航路
沿岸航路船: engankourosen: coastal steamer, coaster <<<
沿岸防御: enganbougyo: coast defense <<< 防御
沿岸警備: engankeibi: coastal patrol <<< 警備
沿岸警備隊: engankeibitai: coast guard <<<
沿岸警備艇: engankeibitei: coastguard boat <<<
大西洋沿岸: taiseiyouengan: Atlantic coast <<< 大西洋
太平洋沿岸: taiheiyouengan: Pacific coast <<< 太平洋
check also: 沿海


pronunciation: engawa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: veranda (in a Japanese house), porch, piazza
check also: ベランダ


pronunciation: engei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: flower , farming
translation: horticulture, gardening
園芸の: engeino: garden (a.), gardening
園芸家: engeika: gardener, horticulturist <<<
園芸植物: engeishokubutsu: garden plant <<< 植物
園芸用具: engeiyougu: gardening tools <<< 用具


pronunciation: engeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: play, drama, theatrical [dramatic] performance
演劇をする: engekiosuru: give [present] a play
演劇界: engekikai: theatrical world <<<
演劇部: engekibu: theatrical club <<<
演劇論: engekiron: dramaturgy <<<
演劇学校: engekigakkou: drama school <<< 学校
check also: ドラマ


pronunciation: engi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: acting, performance
演技する: engisuru: perform, act (v.)
演技が上手い: engigaumai: be a good actor, perform well <<< 上手
演技が上手: engaigajouzu
演技が下手: engigaheta: be a poor actor, perform badly <<< 下手
演技を付ける: engiotsukeru: direct the action <<<
演技者: engisha: performer <<<
check also: 演出


pronunciation: engi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: luck, omen, history of the origin
縁起が良い: engigaii: lucky, auspicious, of good omen <<<
縁起が悪い: engigawarui: unlucky, ominous, ill-omened <<<
縁起を祝う: engioiwau: wish good luck <<<
縁起を祝って: engioiwatte: for luck
縁起を担ぐ: engiokatsugu: believe in omens, be superstitious <<<
縁起を担いで: engiokatsuide: for superstition
縁起直し: enginaoshi: conjuration, exorcism <<<
縁起直しに: enginaoshini: to get rid of ill luck, to conjure [exorcise]
縁起物: engimono: lucky charm <<<

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