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pronunciation: eirei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: spirit [soul] of the departed [war dead]


pronunciation: eisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy , media
translation: satellite, moon
衛星国: eiseikoku: satellite nation <<<
衛星放送: eiseihousou: satellite broadcasting <<< 放送
衛星中継: eiseichuukei: satellite transmission <<< 中継
衛星都市: eiseitoshi: satellite city <<< 都市
偵察衛星: teisatsueisei: reconnaissance satellite <<< 偵察
静止衛星: seishieisei: geostationary satellite <<< 静止
軍事衛星: gunjieisei: military satellite <<< 軍事
気象衛星: kishoueisei: weather satellite <<< 気象
人工衛星: jinkoueisei: (artificial) satellite <<< 人工
通信衛星: tsuushinneisei: communication satellite <<< 通信
スパイ衛星: supaieisei: spy satellite <<< スパイ


pronunciation: eisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: permanence
永世中立: eiseichuuritsu: permanent neutrality <<< 中立
永世中立国: eiseichuuritsukoku: permanently neutral state <<<
永世名人: eiseimeijin: (title of) permanent master <<< 名人
check also: 永遠


pronunciation: eisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: hygiene, sanitation
衛生に良い: eiseiniii: good for the health, wholesome, healthy <<<
衛生に悪い: eiseiniwarui: bad for the health, unwholesome, unhealthy <<<
衛生的: eiseiteki: hygienic <<<
衛生学: eiseigaku: hygiene, hygienics <<<
衛生係: eiseigakari: paramedic, health officer <<<
衛生兵: eiseihei <<<
衛生家: eiseika: cautious liver <<<
衛生室: eiseishitsu: sanitary [medical] room <<<
衛生紙: eiseishi: sanitary towel [napkin] <<< , ナプキン
衛生設備: eiseisetsubi: sanitary facilities <<< 設備
衛生施設: eiseishisetsu <<< 施設
衛生状態: eiseijoutai: sanitary conditions <<< 状態
衛生行政: eiseigyousei: sanitary administration, sanitary authorities <<< 行政
衛生試験所: eiseishikensho: hygienic laboratory
公衆衛生: koushuueisei: public health, hygiene <<< 公衆
食品衛生: shokuhinneisei: food hygiene <<< 食品
公共衛生: koukyoueisei: public health <<< 公共
環境衛生: kankyoueisei: environmental sanitation <<< 環境
check also: 保健


pronunciation: eiyo
kanji characters: ,
translation: honor, fame
栄誉を称える: eiyootataeru: glorify <<<
栄誉礼: eiyorei: salute of guards of honor <<<
synonyms: 名誉


pronunciation: eiyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: nutrition, nourishment
栄養の有る: eiyounoaru: nutritious, nourishing <<<
栄養食: eiyoushoku: nourishing food <<<
栄養物: eiyoubutsu: nutriment, nutritious food <<<
栄養素: eiyouso: nutrients <<<
栄養価: eiyouka: nutritive value <<<
栄養剤: eiyouzai: tonic, fortifier, eutrophic <<<
栄養士: eiyoushi: dietitian, dietician, nutritionist <<<
栄養学: eiyougaku: dietetics <<<
栄養学校: eiyougakkou: school of dietetics <<< 学校
栄養不良: eiyouhuryou: malnutrition, undernourishment <<< 不良
栄養失調: eiyoushitchou
栄養障害: eiyoushougai: nutritional disturbances <<< 障害
人工栄養: jinkoueiyou: artificial nourishment <<< 人工
check also: 養分


pronunciation: eiyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: hero
英雄視する: eiyuushisuru: adore as a hero <<<
英雄的: eiyuuteki: heroic <<<
英雄的行為: eiyuutekikoui: heroic deed, heroism <<< 行為
英雄主義: eiyuushugi: heroism <<< 主義
英雄崇拝: eiyuusuuhai: hero worship <<< 崇拝
check also: 勇者


pronunciation: eizou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication , media
translation: image, (motion) picture, video, reflection, silhouette
映像信号: eizoushingou: video signal <<< 信号
映像文化: eizoubunka: image culture <<< 文化
映像メディア: eizoumedia: audio-visual media <<< メディア
check also: 画像 , 映画 , ビデオ


pronunciation: ekaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: painter, artist


pronunciation: ekichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: stationmaster, station agent
駅長室: ekichoushitsu: stationmaster's office <<<
check also: 駅員

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